Southeast corner of Franklin and Girard Avenue, 1884

Franklin & Girard Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.

In this scene Girard Ave. is divided by a one-storey wooden building which appears to be a market shed. The upper storeys of red brick buildings can be seen behind it. They house these buisinesses: A. L. Flue, Excelsior Range(which also advertised heaters) and A. W. Paulsworth, Flour; The side of the largest building holds advetisements for National Horse Shoe and Smiths Pat. Milk Cans. On the corner, facing both Franklin and Girard, are one storey wooden buildings housing: Goodenough and Seeley (which had a horseshoe depicted in the sign); Thomas Miller which business is not identified, housed in #714; and Tamous (sic) a restaurant selling oysters and "fine stew 15 cents." A #2 trolley is at the right margin, traveling along Franklin Street. The words "Richmond" and "North Penn" are painted on its side. Two trolleys travel on Girard Ave. One bears both numbers 2 and 4 and the words "Girard Ave" and "Park." In the background is the steeple of an unidentified church.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.132 /evans/plc132.html
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