Dallett's Old Soap Manufactory, 1884

Northeast corner of Tenth and Callowhill Streets, Philadelphia, Pa.

An interesting and attractive white building, possible an octagon, shows three sides. It has "Soap & Candle Manufactory" painted on it. Benches are on either side of the front door. Fanlights are over the two doors which are visible.The side of the building facing Tenth St. also houses Lyons Stoves & Ranges. Numerous sample stoves stand curbside under a protective awning. Klinger Brewery is farther along Tenth Street and in the other direction, along Callowhill Street at # 923, is a store selling segars. The Callowhill Street trolley is passing this building. At the left margin another trolley which travels along Tenth and Eleventh Streets, enters the scene. Under this trolley are the words "Ridge Ave." If one looks carefully , one sees another set of trolley tracks entering the scene from Ridge Ave. and merging with the tracks on Tenth St. A leafless tree and gaslight complete the scene along with the three pedestrians.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.133


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