Northeast corner of 12th & Springarden Streets, 1884

12th & Springarden Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

St. Mark's Lutheran Church is in the center of this scene. In front of it is a one-storey market building (shed) dividing Springarden Street. Trolley tracks run on either side of the market and are carrying trolleys each, one labeled "Union Line." A trolley marked "12 & 16" is visible on 12th Street. Just off the corner is an attractive 3 1/2 storey building labeled "Hotel." To its left, facing 12th Street are one storey constructions. Leamy's sells "Segars Imported Key West." Next to that "Day & Weekly Papers" are sold. "Blank Books Stationery" are sold at the adjoining business. There are very few human figures in this city scene.

Location: Library Company Philadelphia
call number: P.2298.136 /evans/plc136.html
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