Girard, Stephen, Dwelling and Counting House, 1831 (a); Ground Plan, 1888 (b)

a. The Dwelling and Counting House of Stephen Girard As It Appeared At the Time of his Death Dec. 26, 1831.

This is a simple rendering of a 4 1/2 story townhouse, red brick, and the adjacent two storey business building. Almost all shutters above the first floor are closed. There is no activity in the screen, nor any human figures. It is a static scene.

b. Ground Plan 1888 Water St., Philadelphia, Pa.

The ground plan gives the dimensions of the front of the two buildings and the alley-way (8 feet). It identifies the three walls around the garden to the rear of the buildings, the beach and Girard's Wharf on the Delaware River.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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