Horace Binney- 241-245 South 4th Street, undated

Fourth St., Philadelphia, Pa.

This is a static scene of five handsome 3 1/2 story townhouses all but two of which are separated by good sized yards (gardens?). The yards are walled in and have their own entry doors. The house to the left is on the corner with Willings Alley. It has a side door with fan light and steps. The front doors all have fan lights and side lights. Trolley tracks are installed on Fourth Street.

Properties are identified as owned by:

Joseph R. Ingersoll, 231 South 4th St. (To the left across Willing's Alley and not visible); Com D. Conner U.S. N., 247 249 South 4th St.; John Sergeant, 251 253 So. 4th. St.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
call number: P.8730.4


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