North side of Chestnut Street between Seventh & Eight Streets, undated

As it looked in 1851.

Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

This watercolor is in grey and white tones only. To the left is #231, D. A. Warden's shop selling pianos and melodeons. Next right is Mr. Moore's store selling "Fancy Staionary" (sic). Next right is the Masonic Temple, Rebuilt 1855, which stands a bit behind the stores facing the sidewalk. The building has gothic windows and quatrefoil designs. Next right is A. Hildebrant's basket business. Next is the Washington House, a five-storey building. This is adjacent to a building bearing the names of A. F. Class and Tyndale & Mitchell, which businesses are not identified. The address is #219. Two street lamps stand curbside in front of the temple. There are ten pedestrians in the scene.

Location: Library Company of Philadelphia
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