Frank H. Taylor's wash and watercolor originals for his "Old Philadelphia" prints,
are listed here.  Most dated between 1895 to 1926 and served as the direct basis for the photolithographs in his Ever-Changing Philadelphia and Old Philadelphia series, published in 1915-27.
This is a incremental catalogue with links to images of most originals.

Notes: The largest proportion of these were photographed when they were offered at Freeman's Auctions in Philadelphia in November 2008, some 70 wash and watercolor originals. Other sets of these range from a couple of dozen to single items, including collections at the Historical Society of Pennsylvania, Atwater Kent Museum, Free Library of Philadelphia, the Duane-Morris law firm, Bryn Mawr College, University of Pennsylvania, the Library Company of Philadelphia, and the Philadelphia Print Shop; some others are in indvidual hands.

In the table below, print number is that in Taylor's "Old Philadelphia" series that these drawings relate to most closely. Those numbers are sometimes inscribed on the originals, but more consistently they appear on the typeset labels, in the print image, in sales lists, in ink inscriptions on the print backing, or are inferred from the subject; title is taken from labels or inscriptions in the print image: i.e. "xx", from a sales list: i.e. ("xx"), or supplied i.e. [xx]; date is offered in the image, usually nearby Taylor's signature, or occasionally mentioned on a label.  The general locations are rough indications of parts of the city (Center City E or W, breaking at Broad Street; West Philadelphia N or S breaking at Market Street; North and South Philadelphia, above Vine St. or below South St.; NE Philadelphia breaking off the NP grid, and same for NW, with the Wissahickon as a general boundary between NWN and NWS; and a few in Fairmount Park itself, FP); locations beyond the city and indicated by "sub" and county name or NJ), and subjects for less specifically topographic images, such as marine views, objects, or transportation apparatus, are rendered as "mar," trans," or "obj"; the street locations given in the next column have been entered only occasionally so far, mainly derived from the label copy where the title or image was particularly unclear as to general district; original wash drawings that appear to have served as the direct basis for nearly half the prints have been identified in various collections, public and private; alternative versions by Taylor treat some of the same subjects, bu appear not to have been the drawing shot for the photolithographs; special notes are offered to the right. The linked images will pop up in a second window, which may not come to the front, but may be reflected in a second tab at top or bottom of the browser window. One needn't hit the back button to get back from the images to the list; it will stay loaded in the first window or the first tab.

The digital photographs themselves were quickly acquired shots in available room-lighting, barely manipulated or enhanced, meant mainly to identify each view. Again, our special thanks to Freeman's and to all the cooperating collections.

At bottom in this table are some additional wash drawings by Taylor (here called x01, x02, etc.) that seem precisely the sort prepared for his print series, but that may not appear to correspond to the prints or lists of print titles seen to date. Not listed here are a few dozen other Taylor watercolors of Philadelphia-area scenes that may not appear to be connected with the print series. Several of these originals appear in a webpage compiled by Adam Levine, "Frank Taylor Watercolors of West Philadelphia Scenes," which offers digital images of nearly two dozen watercolors in the Castner Collection at the Free Library of Philadelphia.

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link, print # title date on print or wc loc., topic street location repository of likely original watercolor variants special notes
002. "Filbert Street Houses" 1911 CCW   Freeman's   1915 added to wc
004. "Where Old Philadelphia still clings to the soil" 1911 CCW   HSP Bc61 T241a, wash, 36.5 x 55 cm., 1915 on wc., 1911    
005. "Northward from the Old Epiphany"   CCW   AKM 56.24.12, wash, 22 x 27-5/8"    
006. "The Old Bellevue"   CCW   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1912, 14-3/4 x 23-1/2"    
007. "At the Four Corners"   CCW   AKM, [possibly], wash, 1915, 19-3/4 x 25-1/2"    
008. "Rittenhouse Square" n.d. CCW NWC Ritt. Sq. HSP Bc61 T241g, wash, 56 x 70 cm., 1915   1915 added to wc
009. "The Inasmuch Mission" n.d. CCE Nsd Locust, W/10th HSP Bc61 T241d, wash, 49 x 67 cm.    
011. "South Broad Street in 1915"  1914
(c) 1915
CCW   AKM 56.24.13, wash, 21-5/8 x 27-1/2"    
013. "The Yellow Mansion" n.d. CCW   Freeman's    
015. "Southeast from Logan Square" 1915 CCW   HSP Bc824 L828, wash, 35 x 55.7 cm, 1915   ck: Freeman's, wash?
016. "The Big Red House"   CCW   AKM 90.98.141
wash, 1915, 21-1/4 x 27-1/2"
BMC 1975.30, wc, 9-1/2 x 12" (clear diffs in dwg of pedestrians)  
018. "Southwest from Washington Square"   CCE   PAth, wc,
access. No. 1968.3, sight: 21x27-1/2"
  Gift of A. Sidney Jenkins, 1968. See also Barton's Little Journeys.  May be wc applied on a photolithograph.
021. "Busy Sansom Street" 1914 CCE   HSP Bc61 T241e, wash, 51 x 71 cm., 1914   verso: Presented by Thomas L. Montgomery, 1927.
022. "Franklin's first home In Philadelphia"   CCE Augusta Pl., W/Front. N/Race U Penn, FAL, wash, large, on board    
023. "Where William Penn Landed"   CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, ?21 x 14-1/2"    
024. "The Little Home Street called Cuthbert"
1.. Cuthbert
Collection of S. and H. Myers, Merion, PA

028. "The Cherry Tree"   WPS Balt. Ave., E/47th   FLP CC 27:88, 1896 (clear differences in drawing)= 028 alt.  
033. "Old Scots and its Parsonage"   CCE 3.. Spruce Freeman's    
035. "At the foot of South Street" n.d. CCE   HSP Bc61 T241c, wash, 65 x 53 cm.    
042. "At Sixth and Sansom Streets"   CCE   AKM 47.48.7
wash, 13-5/8 x 19-7/8"
048 "A Hotel once famous"

CCW 1400 Chestnut
AKM 48.23.1
wash, 1915
19-3/4 x 25-1/2"

050. "A revolutionary shrine at Haddonfield" n.d. sub, NJ   Freeman's    
051. "The Old Navy Yard" 1864 SP   HSP Bb61 T241.L, wc, 33.5 x 51 cm.   CW, p. 200; verso: caption block.
065. "An Old Philadelphia School" from photo CCE   Freeman's (revs. To alley?)    
068 "The Mint on Chestnut Street"   CCE     BMC 1975.28, wc, 10 x 13" (clear diffs in dwg) = 068 alt.  
071 "The First Union League Club House"   CCE 1118 Chestnut   BMC 1975.29, wc, 13x 10" (clear diffs in dwg) = 071 alt.  
072. "The Heart of the old Chestnut Street Trade -- I845" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
073. "In Lodge Street" n.d. CCE   Freeman's, but print has lump on cylindrical tank.    
081. "The Bijou, Pioneer 'Movie' Theatre"   CCE 8th N/ Race U Penn, FAL, wash, large    
082. "Two Historic Chestnut Street Houses and the Brown Building" from photo by McClees CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 19-1/2 x 24-1/2"    
083. "The Bull's Head Hotel and First American Rail Track" n.d. NPE 2nd nr Poplar Freeman's, of top view    
090. "A Picturesque Survival"   CCE   U Penn, FAL, wash, large    
091. "In the Path of the Parkway" n.d. CCW   HSP Bc61 T241h, wash, 71 x 53.5 cm.   Presented by Dr. T. L. Montgomery, 1927
092. "First Public School" after photo. . . CCE   Freeman's wash    
093. "Franklin's home in London" from a photograph UK   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1915, 26-1/2 x 10-1/2"    
095. "At the Corner of Pewter Platter Alley" 1917 CCE   Collection of Patricia and William Patterson, Telford, PA    
097. "Where Charity Abode"; "Penn's House in Letitia Court"   CCE   Freeman's, of top view    
098. "Francisville" 1917 NPW   HSP Bc61 T241f, 5 views, wash, 60 x 47 cm., 1917   Presented by T. L. Montgomery, 1927
103. (103. "Grave of Walt. Whitman.") [NJ]   NJ   AKM 90.98.140
gouache, wash, 20 x 26"
  print, label not yet seen.
verso: "unless sold send to Mr(s?) Chas. S. Boyer, as a gift. Morristown, N.J."
107. "Colonnade Row"   CCW   AKM 44.86.197, wash, 22 x 28"    
110. "Swept from the Parkway Vista" "1917" CCW   AKM 56.24.11, pen and ink on board, 1917, 19-1/2 x 25-5/8"    
111. "The Fairmount Market"
200 Spring Garden
AKM 90.98.144
ink and wash
13-3/4 x 19-3/4"

112. "Horticultural Hall" 1917 CCW   ?Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1927, 19-1/2 x 26-1/2"    
114. "Musical Fund Hall"   CCE   U Penn, RB Ms. Coll. 90, wash    
120. "The Amateur Drawing Room" n.d. CCW 17th ab Chestnut Freeman's    
121. "Around the Head of old Dock Street" n.d. CCE   Freeman's, but wc 1926    
123. "The Franklin House, later the St. Louis Hotel" 1918 CCE 3.. Chesnut Freeman's    
124. "Old Schuylkill Warehouse and Coal Wharves"   CCW near Upper Ferry HSP Bb61 T241c, wc, 32.5 x 47 cm, 13 x 19, 1918   added caption: "Bolton's Stores and Coal Wharves, Schuylkill River near the Upper Ferry Bridge, as sketched in 1831. Redrawn by Frank H. Taylor in 1918."
127. "Along Old Pear Street"   CCE 2.. Chancellor AKM 47.33.14, wash w/ color. 14 x 22"
  "Old Pear St, at Dock St, a historic wood working center."
128. "Water Street Warehouses as seen in '61" from photograph by Bonsall, 1861 CCE   Philadelphia Maritime Museum per Gustke: wash, c. 1920, 12-3/4 x 19-3/4"    
131. "Cope Line Packet Tuscarora" n.d. mar   Freeman's, wc "from painting by Briscoe."    
142. "John Krider's Gun Store" 1918 CCE        
143. "The Wedge--Philadelphia's Smallest Apartment Building" "from photo by Sloan" NPE Buttonwood, American to 2nd HSP Bc87, B983, wash, 30 x 45.3, from 1918 photo by A E Sloan   verso: Penrose fund, 1961.
144 top "Those Troublesome old Toll Houses" n.d. trans diff. locs. Freeman's, top 2/5;
HSP Bc61 T241i, wc =lower 3 of 5 views only;
FLP, Castner 12:87 is alt of 144a
FLP, Castner 27:101 is alt of 144d
CC 31: 36, 37, related images for Hunting Park, Limekiln Pike
145 ("Belmont Cricket Club") 1914 WPS     FLP Castner 27: 101, wc (different drawing, figs, capt.) = 145 alt. no label seen
146. "The Athenaeum"   CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1915, 20-1/2 x 26-1/2"    
149. "On Front Street below Chestnut Street"   CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 21 x 13-1/2"    
150. "The Tabernacle, Broad and South Penn Square" n.d. CCW   Freeman's    
152. "The Logan House on Second Street" n.d. CCE NWC 2nd & Sansom HSP Bc16 L828, wash, 35 x 55.7 cm.   verso: Gift of William Logan Fox, 1962; words"Original Doorway" on wash only.
154. "Mount Pleasant, East Fairmount Park"   FPE        
155. "The Roberts Mansion"   CCW   Private Collection per Gustke: wash, 1920, 12-3/4 x 19-3/4"    
158. "Bohl Bohlen, Merchant--his Store and Descendants" n.d. CCE 67 S. 4th HSP Bb61 T241, wc, 36 x 43 cm, 1927, 20-1/4 x 14-1/4   pres. T L Montgomery
159. "St. John's English Lutheran Church" n.d. CCE 5.. Race Freeman's    
163. "Meeting House of the Free Quakers" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
"Sparks' Shot Tower"

1.. Carpenter
AKM 45.43.1
ink and wash
20-1/8 x 14"

167. "Kingsessing Farm Houses Now Gone"; "East side of Kingsessing Ave. above Fifty First St." 1895 WPS   Freeman's FLP, Castner 27:97, "Red Row" 1896, wc, 8-1/4 x 13-1/4" = 167 alt.  
168. "Kingsessing Farm Houses Now Gone"; "Greenway Ave. and Fifty first St." 1896 WPS   Freeman's FLP, Castner 27:95, "Over the Hollow, S. E. from Belmont C. C, House," 1896, wc, 12-7/8 x 9-1/2" = 168 alt.
AKM 43.7.5, "S.E. from Belmont C. C. Grounds, South of 51st St. and Kingsessing Ave." 1895, wc 10-1/4 x 15-3/4" on board =168a alt.
168a alt =crossed out "March View / South from Belmont Club House."
"Kingsessing Farm Houses Now Gone"; "Old Spring house, East side of Chester Ave. below Fifty Second St." and "West side of Chester Ave. below Fifty Second St." 1895 WPS   Freeman's for bottom, 169b FLP, Castner 27:93, Spring house ocupied as a dwelling. N. of 52nd St., east side of Chester Ave, wc. 1895 (diff) = 169a alt.
AKM 43.7.7, wc, 12 x 18-3/4"
"Facing Chester Ave. / North of 52d St." 1905,  =169b alt.
170. "Kingsessing Farm Houses Now Gone"; "Fifty-First St. and Greenway Ave." 1895 WPS   Freeman's FLP, Castner 27:94, The "Bee Hive." Southeast from Belmont Cricket Club house. 52nd St. and Greenway Ave., 1896, wc, 9-9/16 x 13"= 170 alt.

172. "The Old Grist Mill, Holmesburg"   NE   AKM 47.48.1
ink and wash, 14 x 19-1/2"
FLP, Castner 33:24, Ruin of Old Mill, Holmesburg. Built in 1697, 1895, wc 10 x 12-1/4"= 172 alt. AKM: in pencil on verso: "Show Park Commission."
175. "The Colosseum and Offenbach Auditorium" n.d. CCW   Freeman's    
176. "Mill Bank Mill" n.d. sub   Freeman's    
177. "The Falstaff Hotel" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
180. "The Markoe House and first Penn Mutual Buillding"   CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, c1915, 21 x 26"    
181. "The 'Sorrel Horse' and the 'Rising Sun'"; [want rest of caption behind label] 1919 WPS Darby Rd SW of 49th Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1919, 13-1/2 x 21-1/4"    
182. "Kingsessing Farm Houses Now Gone"; "The Jones Homestead, 51st St. west of Springfield Ave." 1896 WPS     FLP, Castner 27:98, Farm house, Springfield Ave. and 51st St., wc, 1900, 8-15-16 x 13-5/15" (diff dwg)= 182 alt .
AKM 43.7.6, wc, 1897, "Jones Homestead, Florence Ave. near 52d St., 1897, 19 x 13" =182b alt.

183. "The 'Sorrel Horse' and the 'Rising Sun'"; "Sorrel Horse Hotel" 1919 WPS   AKM 47.48.2.
wc, 1919, 13-7/8 x 19-7/8" "Sorrel Horse Hotel, Fifty-First St. and Woodland Ave."
184. "The Columbia Bridges at Belmont" "1919" FP   184b: HSP Bc61 T241J, wc, 32 x 55 cm., 12-1/4 x 20-1/4"   some changes, e.g., domed buildng over 1st arch in wc. Also notes: (Zoo here), print to Mr. Baker, Room 520; P&R Bridge over, where old Columbia bridge stood. Verso: "I think this is the bridge connecting the east and west Fairmount Park sections. F.H.T."
185. "The Twaddell Homestead" 1919 WPS     AKM 77.1.1035, wc, "Twaddell's,  west side of Baltimore Ave., north of 46th. 1896, 10-3/4 x 14-3/8" = 185 alt  
188. "Third Street Hall" n.d. NPE 3rd & Willow Freeman's    
189. "Southward from Ninth and Market Streets in 1870" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
190. "The Old Structure at Fifth and Chestnut Streets and Philosophical Hall" "1919" CCE   Freeman's    
192. "The Old State Quarantine Station at Essington" 1895 sub   HSP Bb61 T241.N, wc, 33.5 x 55 cm., 13-1/4 x 20-3/4, 1895  Arader Galleries, May '11: wc, 11" x 28 1/4" = 192 alt.  
193 "Old Resorts in Library Street"   CCE 4.. Sansom   BMC 1975.32, wc, 6-3/4 x 13" (clear diffs in signage, flag, street life) = 193 alt.  
194. "The Historic Prime Street Depot"   NPE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 13-3/4 x 21"    
195. "Historic Green Street Depot"   SP   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 21-3/4 x 12-1/2"    
196. "The William Penn Hotel" 1919 WPN   PPS 2008, 14-1/2 x 20-1/2, 1919    
197. "Hammer and Anvil" 1919 WPS 39th & Filbert Freeman's    
200. "The Turmoil of Dock Street Never Ceases" 1919 CCE   Freeman's ?HSP Bc61 T241G, wash, 39 x 55 cm  
202. "Site of West End Building"   CCW   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wc, c1915, 19-1/2 x 27-1/4"    
209. "A Pair of Old-Time Warehouses"   CCE 114-20 S. Delaware Ave Philadelphia Maritime Museum per Gustke: wash, c. 1920, 13-5/8 x 19-3/4"    
211. 'May Pleasant,' A Time-Worn Relic of the Ridge Pike" 1920 NPW   Duane-Morris,, per Gustke: wash, 1920, 11-3/4 x 18"    
215. "The London Coffee House"   CCE   AKM, wash, 21-1/2 x 27-1/2"    
218. "Where Rebecca of lvanhoe Sleeps"   CCE   AKM, wash, 20 x 25-5/8"    
222. "The Punch Bowl" n.d. NPW NWC Broad & Diamond HSP Bb61 T241i, wash, 36 x 55 cm, 14-1/2 x 20-5/8"    
225. "The Navy Yard Gates" n.d. SP Federal St. HSP Bc61 T241m, wc, 36.5 x 54 cm.    
229. "First U. S. Custom House" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
231. "The Star Hotel" from photo WPS   Freeman's    
232. "The Krider Inn"   WPS   AKM, wc, 1921, 14-3/4 x 19-7/8"    
234. "Birthplace of a Great Industry" 1921 NWS   Freeman's    
235. "Where Pundits once bought Rare Old Books"


236. "Where the Keg has Gone Dry" 1921 CCE NEC 5th & Locust Freeman's    
238. "At the Perkiomen Bridge" 1921 sub, MoCo   HSP Bc61 T241e, wash, 34 x 47 cm., 13-1/2 x 19-1/4, 1921    
239. "The Ancient Meeting at Trappe" 1921 sub   Freeman's    
243. "In Sharp's Avenue" 1921 CCE   Freeman's    
245. "'Burnside,' Homestead of the Hoffman's"   WPS   Private Collection, Philadelphia, wash drawing. FLP Castner 31:26, Old Hoffman Homestead 60th St. west of Baltimore Ave, wc, 1905, 4-13/16 x 6-11/16" (diff dwg, angle) = 245 alt.; another distinct view at The Grange, Haverford.  
248. "Orthodox Friends' Meeting House"   CCW 1515 Cherry Freeman's    
250. "The Coultis Log House" "from photo by Dr. J. W. Eckfeldt WPS   Freeman's    
254. "McAran's Pleasure Garden" "after Kennedy CCW   Freeman's    
257 top "Two Old Timers in Juniper Street" 1921 CCE   257a: LCP P.8760.6, wash    
260. "Waiting for the End"   CCW   Duane-Morris    
261. "The Passing of the Windermere" 1922 CCW Broad & Locust   ?FLP, Philadelphiana, wash, 19-1/2 x 13-3/4, 1922, [not found]  
263. "The Livezey Warehouses" 1922 CCE   Freeman's    
266. "Randolph Street" 1922 CCE   Freeman's, wash    
267. "General Wayne Tavern" 1922 sub, MoCo   Freeman's    
268. "The Grange--Haverford Township, Delaware County, PA"

sub, DeCo

FLP, wash

269. "The Second Chestnut Street Theatre, 1822-55" n.d. CCE   Freeman's wc    
270. "In the Way of the Bridge"   CCE   Private Collection per Gustke: wc    
272. "U. of P., . . . Sigma Chi, 3809 Locust Street"   WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
273. "U. of P., . . . Zeta Beta Taw, 3819 Spruce Street"   WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
274. "U. of P., . . . Sigma Alpha Mu, 3817 Walnut Street"   WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
275. "U. of P., . . . Sigma Nu, 3819 Walnut Street"   WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
276. "U. of P., . . . Lambda Chi Alpha, 225 S. Thirty Ninth St."   WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
277. "U. of P., International Students' House, 3905 Spruce Street"   WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
278. "U. of P., Phi Epsilon Pi Fraternity, 3940 Spruce Street" n.d. WPS   U Penn, FAL, wash    
280. "Along Water Street"   NPE   Duane-Morris    
282. "The Slate Roof House" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
284. "The Matsinger Dwelling" 1922 WPS   Freeman's, wash    
290. "Gloria Dei" 1922 SP   Freeman's    
291. "Walnut Grove" n.d. SP 5th & Wharton HSP Bb61 T241.K, wash, 36.5 x 54 cm., 14-1/4 x 21"   verso: Walnut grove. York Rd crossed out. 'Transom St"? Now a public school. Show to Mr. Arthur L. Church, Baldwin Works.
292. "A Study of Chimneys" 1922 CCE   Freeman's    
293. "Fair of the U. S. Sanitary Commission in 1864."   CCW   Private Collection per Gustke: wash, w/ caricature sketch of newspaperman on verso, from photo    
294. "The Merchants' Exchange" 1922 CCE   Freeman's    
296. "The Philadelphia Arcade" n.d. CCE   Freeman's    
301. "Our Local Chinatown" 1923 CCE   HSP Bc61 T241j, wc, 56 x 36 cm, 1923    
303. "South of Rittenhouse Square" 1923 CCW   Freeman's    
305. "A Benton Street Group" 1923 CCW W/ 15th, S/Market Freeman's    
307. "Some Spring Street Homes"   CCE   AKM, wc, 1923, 20-1/2 x 13-1/2"    
308. "In Florist Street" 1923 CCE   HSP Bb61 T213, wc, 34.2 x 39 cm, 13-1/2 x 15-1/2    
309. "The Darby Meeting"   sub, DelCo   Freeman's, wash    
310. "The Home of Joshua Humphreys"

FLP, wash

313. "The Bingham House"   CCE   Arader Galleries, May '11: 18 1/4" x 25 1/4" BMC 1975.27, wc, 9-1/2 x 12 (clear diffs in dwg of troops, entering train)= 313 alt.  
315. "Two Old Taverns of the Chester Road"   WPS     FLP Castner vol. 29:0, White Horse Tavern, Chester Pike, 1897, wc, 9-1/4 x 13-1/8"; =315 top, alt .:
FLP Castner vol.vol. 29: 88, Blue Bell, wc, 8-1/4 x 11-13/16"= 315 bel., alt .; another 315 bel., alt . = Collection of Patricia and William Patterson, Telford, PA
322. "Some Second Street Stores" 1923 CCE   Duane-Morris    
327. "The Dock Street Market House" n.d. CCE   Freeman's, wash    
328. ["Old Residences, West Philadelphia"] 1924 WPS   Freeman's, wash   no label seen
332. "The Rock House"   NWN   Duane-Morris    
333. "In Library Street" 1924 CCE   U Penn, RB Ms. Coll. 90, wash    
334. "The Franklin Institute" from old engraving CCE   Freeman's, wash    
336. "Where Housewives Once Marketed"   CCW   PhilaPrintShop, Oct. 2008, wash, 14 1/2 x 20 1/2    
338. "Dooner's Hotel"   CCE   Freeman's, wash    
339. "A Survival of the Stone Age" 1923 NPW 24th N/Hunting park Freeman's, wash    
340. "Pine Street Meeting"   CCE   Freeman's, wash AKM 340alt.  
341. "In Walnut Court"

S from Walnut, E/ 4th

344. ("344. McCall House, Second and Union Streets.")   CCE nec 2nd & Delancey HSP, Mutual Assurance Co. Papers,#2189, Box H.12, folder 15, wash, 15-1/4 x 17-3/4" AKM, wc, 1924, 17 x 12-1/4" print, label, not yet seen; verso of wc: prop. of Mutual Assurance Co., 3/4/1957; First Building Insured by the green treee.
346. "A Noted Home of the Wistars" from photo CCE   Freeman's, wash    
347. "The Home of John Fries, Merchant" from photo CCE   Freeman's, wash    
350. "The Tun Tavern"   CCE Water Street and Tun Alley   ?FLP, Philadelphiana, wc, 1885, 10-1/4 x 13-3/8 [not found]  
351. "The Continental Hotel" n.d. CCE   Freeman's, wash    
352. "In Lower Chestnut Street" from photo CCE   Freeman's, wash    
354. "Historic St. Paul's" 1924 CCE   Freeman's, wash    
355. "St. Joseph's Historic Church" 1924 CCE   Freeman's, wash    
358. "In Busy Dock Street" 1924 CCE     HSP Bc61 T241g(1), wc,  
["Cadbury House, Moorestown, N. J."]

FLP, wash
14-1/4 x 18-1/2"

361 "The Angel House" n.d. sub, MoCo Rd Plymouth to Conshohockn AKM, wash, 19-3/4 x 14-3/4"   361 in image
367. "The Meeting House at Gwynedd, Pa." 1924 sub   Freeman's, wash   367 in print
368. "The Dewees House" from photo NWN Gtn Ave at City line Freeman's, wash   368 in image
370. "The 'General Jackson'" 1924 sub, ChCo Lanc Pk, 18 mi stone HSP Bc61 T241h, wash, 34 x47 cm., 13-1/2 x 19, 1924    
371. "The Rittenhouse Paper Mill" n.d., from photo NWS   AKM, wash, 14-3/4 x 19-7/8"    
372. "Where Poe Once Toiled" 1924 CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1915, 22-1/2 x 17-1/2"    
373. "Along the Lower Schuylkill" 1924 WPS     alt: HSP Bc76 T241, wc, 35 x 52 cm., 1926 "Industrial group, Lower Schuylkill River, 1926." verso: for Dr. Montgomery, Hist. Society, $18.00 / to show free Library / Harrison Paul Works
"Rapid Transit in the Seventies"

FLP, wash

same as 392
376. "The Oldest Tobacco Store" 1924 CCE South and Front Freeman's, wc, 1924    
"The Era of Canals"

FLP, wash
11-3/4 x 17"

386. "Thomas Griffith, His Home" 1923 NE   Freeman's, wash FLP, wash
6-1/2 x 12-1/2"
386 alt.
Crescentville, near Tacony Creek, drawn in 1919
387. "Departure of Gen. U. S. Grant for Europe via the American Line, 1877."

AKM, bw wash and gouache.

inscribed: "Gift to Frnklin Inst. 1927."
(392. "Rapid Transit, Centennial Period.")

FLP, wash
same as 375.
(393. "Monday Morning")

FLP, wash

404. ("Second and Chestnut Streets") 1925 CCE   Freeman's, wc   404 in image; no label seen
405. ('First Baptist Church, Ledger Place") 1925, from old print CCE Ledger Pl., 2nd S/ Arch Freeman's, wash   405 in print; no label seen
406. ["Inn, 63rd & Market Streets"] in pencil on print 1925 WPN   AKM, pen&ink, 1925, 16-1/2 x 22-1/2"   406 on print; no label seen; (406. "Old Tavern, Cobb's Creek and Chestnut Street.")
409. [Bank of Pennsylvania, 2nd above Walnut] n.d. CCE   HSP Bc61 T241K, wc, 38.2 x 55 cm   no label seen; (409. "Old Church"); on wc, title and 'from old print' added
411. [Old Curiosity Shop, 1237 Pine St.] 1926 CCE   Duane-Morris, per Gustke: wash, 1926, 18-3/4 x 13-3/4"   411 in image; no label seen; (411. "Antique Sh[o]p")
413. [Fort Mifflin] n.d. SP   HSP Bb61 T241b, wc, 28 x 47 cm. [Gustke: 1920, 11-1/8 x 19"]   413 in image; no label seen; (413. "Group of Buildings with High Wall, and Stream with Bridge over It."); wc dated 1920, some touches added later, "as it looked c. 1860" in HSP catalogue
x01. (448. ["Original Church of St. Augustine. Built in 1796. Destroyed by rioters in 1844."])   CCE   Freeman's, wash   ink inscription on original wash drawing; numbered as item 448, an "original drawing," in 1927 executors' sale list; corresponding print?
x02. (453. ["Bonaparte Mansion, Bordentown, NJ"])   sub, NJ   Freeman's, wash   ink inscription on original wash drawing; numbered as item 453 in 1927 executors' sale list; corresponding print?
x03. [gateway to Spanish fort?]

FLP, wash

probably beyond Phila. area

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