*OBD99 = actual image appears in the Philadelphia Office Building Directory 1899. All other „Appears inš entries signify the inclusion of the building,  not the actual image in the publication.

Field? = good chance that the data is correct, yet still questionable

No address or just a number = all the information that was available


Name Address Architect Built Appears in Notes
PDCT00001 Guarantee Trust and Safe Company 316-20 Chestnut St. Furness and Hewitt   *OBD 99 p. 322  
PDCT00013 West Philadelphia Title and Trust 40th and Lancaster        
PDCT00034 Quaker City National Bank 713-721 Chestnut St. Willis Hale     pencil sketches of faces on back
PDCT00036 Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on lives... 517 Chestnut St. Addison Hutton   King's Views p. 21  
PDCT00037 Northern Liberties national Bank 300-08 N. 3rd St. Windrim?      
PDCT00039 American Trust Company and Savings Fund Ridge Ave or 928 Spring Garden?   1890    
PDCT00040 Consolidation National Bank 329 N. 3rd   1857    
PDCT00042 Independence National Bank 430 Chestnut St. Willis Hale      
PDCT00045 Philadelphia Bank 421 Chestnut St. John M. Gries   King's Views p. 18  
PDCT00046 Philadelphia Savings Fund Company 700 Walnut St. Addison Hutton      
PDCT00047 Fidelity Trust and Co. 327-331 Chestnut St. James Windram, George Hewitt      
PDCT00048 First National Bank 315-319 Chestnut St. John McArthur   King's Views p. 21  
PDCT00049 Dime Savings Bank 1429 Chestnut St.?        
PDCT00057.1 Cassat and Co. 15th and Ranstead        
PDCT00057.2 Cassat and Co. (cropped) 15th and Ranstead        
PDCT00128 Commonwealth Title and Insurance 713-21 Chestnut St.        
PDCT00176 Liverpool Fire Insurance, New York Fire Insurance Co. 331-7 Walnut St.     *OBD99 424,King's views p 11  
PDCT00177 Fidelity Mutual Life 112-116 N Broad St. F. Newmann      
PDCT00178 Insurance co. of North America 232 Walnut St.     *OBD99 p. 340, King's Views p. 10  
PDCT00179 Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania SEC 3rd and Chestnut St.        
PDCT00180 Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania 136-8 S. 4th St. T Roney Williamson   *OBD99 p. 384, ink sketches of faces on back of image  
PDCT00209 Franklin Fire Insurance Co. 421 Walnut St.        
PDCT00210 Royal Insurance Co of Liverpool 306 Walnut St. Thomas U. Walter      
PDCT00211 United Fireman's Insurance Co 419 Walnut St.     King's Views p. 11  
PDCT00212 Fire Cessation of Philadelphia 407-409 Walnut St.     King's views p. 10  
PDCT0181 Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co 510 Walnut St.     King's Views p. 11