*OBD99 = actual image appears in the Philadelphia Office Building Directory 1899.

Field? = good chance that the data is correct, yet still questionable.

no address or just a number = all the information that was available


Architect Name Location Building Type Built Appears In Notes
Addison Hutton YMCA SEC 15th and Chestnut St. Club   *OBD 99 p. 516,King's Views p. 17   PDCT00023
Addison Hutton Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on lives... 517 Chestnut St. Bank   King's Views p. 21   PDCT00036
Addison Hutton Philadelphia Savings Fund Company 700 Walnut St. Bank       PDCT00046
Addison Hutton Ellison Building 22-26 S. 6th St. Store 1881     PDCT00056
Addison Hutton Gimbel Brothers SEC 9th and Market St. Store       PDCT00142
Alterations by Dagit Colonial Hotel 11th and Spruce St. Hotel       PDCT00005
Benjamin D. Price Joel J Bailey and Co. Importers 19-21 Market St. Store 1873     PDCT00110
Cope and Stewardson William Penn Charter School 12th below Market St. School   King's Views p. 13   PDCT00114
Durang St.Agnes Hospital Broad and Mifflin St. Hospital       PDCT00033
Durang? Trust Company of N. America (also known as Swain building) 503-7 Chestnut St. Office   *OBD99 p. 608, Kings Views 2nd Section p. 8B   PDCT00012
EF Durang Beneficial Savings Trust 12th and Chestnut St. Office       PDCT00038
F. Newmann Fidelity Mutual Life 112-116 N Broad St. Bank       PDCT00177
Frank Furness Provident Building NWC 4th and Chestnut St. Office       PDCT00035
Frank Furness Franklin Building 12th and Lawson St. Office       PDCT00053
Frank Furness Library Company of Philadelphia NWC Locust and Juniper St. Library       PDCT00100
Furness and Hewitt Guarantee Trust and Safe Company 316-20 Chestnut St. Bank   *OBD 99 p. 322   PDCT00001
George Hewitt Gibson Building 1307-11 Market St. Office   *OBD99 p. 130   PDCT00071
Hazlehurst and Huckel Manufacturer's Club 1409 Walnut St. Club   Kings Views p. 24   PDCT00024
Hewitt Bros Bullitt Building 143 s. 4th St. Office       PDCT00058
Hillman and Hutton Aldine Hotel 1918-20 Chestnut St. Hotel       PDCT00085
Hillman and Hutton Aldine Hotel 1918-20 Chestnut St. Hotel       PDCT00086
J F Ord Columbia Club House NWC Broad and Oxford St. Club   *OBD 99 p. 188,Kings Views 24a   PDCT00030
James Windram, George Hewitt Fidelity Trust and Co. 327-331 Chestnut St. Bank       PDCT00047
James Windrim? Hood Foulkrod Building (Snellenburgs) SWC 11th and Market St. Store   *OBD 99 p. 333 with addition of photographer's credit bottom left corner "J S Quirkout Phila"   PDCT00021
John M. Gries Philadelphia Bank 421 Chestnut St. Bank   King's Views p. 18   PDCT00045
John McArthur City Hall Broad and Market Government   R. Newell and Son no. 592   PDCT00032
John McArthur First National Bank 315-319 Chestnut St. Bank   King's Views p. 21   PDCT00048
John McArthur City Hall Penn Square Government       PDCT00060
John McArthur Caldwell and Co 900-06 Chestnut St. Stores       PDCT00091
Minerva Parker Nichols The Century Club House 124 S. 12th St. Club       PDCT00031
Newman and Harris? Fidelity Mutual 112-116 N. Broad St. Office   King's views p. 37   PDCT00084
S Sloan S S White Building 12th and Chestnut Office 1867     PDCT00029
T Roney Williamson Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania 136-8 S. 4th St. Bank   *OBD99 p. 384, ink sketches of faces on back of image   PDCT00180
Thomas P Lonsdale Manhattan Life Insurance Co of New York SEC. 4rth and Walnut Office   *OBD 99 p. 442,King's views p. 23   PDCT00008
Thomas U. Walter Royal Insurance Co of Liverpool 306 Walnut St. Bank       PDCT00210
TP Chandler Union Insurance Company SWC 3rd and Walnut St. Office       PDCT00083
TP Chandler Brown Bros. and Co. SEC 4rth and Chestnut St. Store   *OBD99 118   PDCT00182
Will Decker Betz Building SE Corner Broad St.South Penn Square Office       PDCT00052
Willis G. Hale Bingham House SEC 11and Market St. Hotel   *OBD99 p. 138   PDCT00010
Willis Hale Quaker City National Bank 713-721 Chestnut St. Bank     pencil sketches of faces on back PDCT00034
Willis Hale Independence National Bank 430 Chestnut St. Bank       PDCT00042
Willis Hale Hotel Lorraine Broad and Fairmont St. Hotel       PDCT00082
Willis Hale Heywood Bros and Wakefield Co. 244-254 S. 5th St. Store 1892     PDCT00133
Willis Hale Gimbel Brothers 812-20th and Market Store       PDCT00141
Wilson Eyre Turkish and Russian Baths 1104 Walnut St. Bath       PDCT00017
Wilson Eyre J P Doherty and Company Tailer 1443 Chestnut St. Store       PDCT00089
Wilson Eyre, Angus Wade? SEC 22nd and Chestnut St.   Street       PDCT00015
Windrim? Northern Liberties national Bank 300-08 N. 3rd St. Bank       PDCT00037
Yarnall and Goforth Rothschild Building 12-14 South Broad St.Penn Square Office   *OBD 99 p. 566   PDCT00022