Name Location Building Type Architect Built Appears in Notes
PDCT00001 Guarantee Trust and Safe Company 316-20 Chestnut St. Bank Furness and Hewitt   *OBD 99 p. 322  
PDCT00002 Pennsylvania Railroad Company 4th near Walnut St. Office        
PDCT00003 Sibley Building 1214-1220 Filbert St. Office   1889    
PDCT00004 Philadelphia Lying-In Charity Hospital 126 N. 11 St. Hospital     Henry Founder's Week - 758  
PDCT00005 Colonial Hotel 11th and Spruce St. Hotel Alterations by Dagit      
PDCT00006 Hotel Bellevue Hotel Stratford, formerly St.George's Hotel SWC Broad and Walnut St. Hotel        
PDCT00007.1 The Colonnade 15th and Chestnut St. Hotel     Scharf and Westcott vol II p. 998  
PDCT00007.2 The Colonnade (cropped) 15th and Chestnut St. Hotel        
PDCT00008 Manhattan Life Insurance Co of New York SEC. 4rth and Walnut Office Thomas P Lonsdale   *OBD 99 p. 442,King's views p. 23  
PDCT00009 Lasher Building 147-151 N 10th St. Business        
PDCT00010 Bingham House SEC 11and Market St. Hotel Willis G. Hale   *OBD99 p. 138  
PDCT00011 Office Building (Knickerbocker Ice?) 6th and Arch St. Office        
PDCT00012 Trust Company of N. America (also known as Swain building) 503-7 Chestnut St. Office Durang?   *OBD99 p. 608, Kings Views 2nd Section p. 8B  
PDCT00013 West Philadelphia Title and Trust 40th and Lancaster Bank        
PDCT00014 Residences 18th and Arch St. residences        
PDCT00015 SEC 22nd and Chestnut St.   Street Wilson Eyre, Angus Wade?      
PDCT00016 Commercial Building and Hotel Carrollton 309-11 Arch St. Office/Hotel        
PDCT00017 Turkish and Russian Baths 1104 Walnut St. Bath Wilson Eyre      
PDCT00018 Apartment Building 10th and Pine St. Residential        
PDCT00019 936-942 Market St.   Stores/Offices        
PDCT00020 Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 10th above Cherry St. College     Henry Founder's Week  
PDCT00021 Hood Foulkrod Building (Snellenburgs) SWC 11th and Market St. Store James Windrim?   *OBD 99 p. 333 with addition of photographer's credit bottom left corner "J S Quirkout Phila"  
PDCT00022 Rothschild Building 12-14 South Broad St.Penn Square Office Yarnall and Goforth   *OBD 99 p. 566  
PDCT00023 YMCA SEC 15th and Chestnut St. Club Addison Hutton   *OBD 99 p. 516,King's Views p. 17  
PDCT00024 Manufacturer's Club 1409 Walnut St. Club Hazlehurst and Huckel   Kings Views p. 24  
PDCT00025 Junger Maennerchor Hall NWC 6th and Vine St. Club        
PDCT00026 Pepper Building (may not be Pepper building) Office          
PDCT00027 Shakespeare Building 1015-1019 Chestnut St. Theater        
PDCT00028 Warner Hall Broad below Wallace St. Factory/Office        
PDCT00029 S S White Building 12th and Chestnut Office S Sloan 1867    
PDCT00030 Columbia Club House NWC Broad and Oxford St. Club J F Ord   *OBD 99 p. 188,Kings Views 24a  
PDCT00031 The Century Club House 124 S. 12th St. Club Minerva Parker Nichols      
PDCT00032 City Hall Broad and Market Government John McArthur   R. Newell and Son no. 592  
PDCT00033 St.Agnes Hospital Broad and Mifflin St. Hospital Durang      
PDCT00034 Quaker City National Bank 713-721 Chestnut St. Bank Willis Hale     pencil sketches of faces on back
PDCT00035 Provident Building NWC 4th and Chestnut St. Office Frank Furness      
PDCT00036 Pennsylvania Company for Insurances on lives... 517 Chestnut St. Bank Addison Hutton   King's Views p. 21  
PDCT00037 Northern Liberties national Bank 300-08 N. 3rd St. Bank Windrim?      
PDCT00038 Beneficial Savings Trust 12th and Chestnut St. Office EF Durang      
PDCT00039 American Trust Company and Savings Fund Ridge Ave or 928 Spring Garden? Bank   1890    
PDCT00040 Consolidation National Bank 329 N. 3rd Bank   1857    
PDCT00041 Land Title and Trust Company 608 Chestnut St. Office        
PDCT00042 Independence National Bank 430 Chestnut St. Bank Willis Hale      
PDCT00043 Pennsylvania Nat'l. Guard Broad and Callowhill St. Armory        
PDCT00044 State Fencibles Armory N. Broad St. Armory     Sharf and Westcott Vol. 2 pg. 18  
PDCT00045 Philadelphia Bank 421 Chestnut St. Bank John M. Gries   King's Views p. 18  
PDCT00046 Philadelphia Savings Fund Company 700 Walnut St. Bank Addison Hutton      
PDCT00047 Fidelity Trust and Co. 327-331 Chestnut St. Bank James Windram, George Hewitt      
PDCT00048 First National Bank 315-319 Chestnut St. Bank John McArthur   King's Views p. 21  
PDCT00049 Dime Savings Bank 1429 Chestnut St.? Bank        
PDCT00050 Baxter Building 731-33 Office        
PDCT00051 Baker Building 1520 Chestnut St.? Office   1880    
PDCT00052 Betz Building SE Corner Broad St.South Penn Square Office Will Decker      
PDCT00053 Franklin Building 12th and Lawson St. Office Frank Furness      
PDCT00054 Church House (pe) 12th and Walnut St. Religious Institution        
PDCT00055 Church House (pe) 12th and Walnut Religious Institution        
PDCT00056 Ellison Building 22-26 S. 6th St. Store Addison Hutton 1881    
PDCT00057.1 Cassat and Co. 15th and Ranstead Bank        
PDCT00057.2 Cassat and Co. (cropped) 15th and Ranstead Bank        
PDCT00058 Bullitt Building 143 s. 4th St. Office Hewitt Bros      
PDCT00059 Bell Telephone Co. NEC 11th and Filbert St. Office     *OBD99 p. 129  
PDCT00060 City Hall Penn Square Government John McArthur      
PDCT00061 Mary Drexel House 22nd and S. College Ave and Poplar St. Charitable Institution       Newell and son. 535
PDCT00062 Southern Home for Destitute Children S. Broad and Morris Charitable Institution       Newell and Son. 490
PDCT00063 R R Sooy and Son's Oyster and Chop House 12 and Clover St.above Chestnut St. Restaurant        
PDCT00064 Fuchslugger's Restaurant South Penn Square Restaurant        
PDCT00065 Scattergood's Saloon 8th and Sansom St. Office/Manufacturing and Restaurant        
PDCT00066 Kugler's Restaurant 34-6 S. Broad St. Restaurant and Residential     *OBD99 p. 405  
PDCT00067.1 Boothby's 1229 Chestnut St. Restaurant and Residential        
PDCT00067.2 Boothby's 1229 Chestnut St. Restaurant and Residential        
PDCT00068 Vulcanite Building 1710-12 Market Office     *OBD 99 p. 632  
PDCT00069 Baxter Building 1414 S. Penn Square Office     *OBD99 p. 66  
PDCT00070 Freeman Building SWC 12th and Walnut St. Office        
PDCT00071 Gibson Building 1307-11 Market St. Office George Hewitt   *OBD99 p. 130  
PDCT00072 Greene's Hotel NEC 8th and Chestnut St. Hotel        
PDCT00073 The Aldine 1918-20 Chestnut St. Hotel     Sharf and Westcott Vol II p 994  
PDCT00074 The Bartram 3310 Chestnut St. Hotel        
PDCT00075 The Jerome   Hotel        
PDCT00076.1 Hotel Imperial near 12th and Filbert St. Hotel        
PDCT00076.2 Hotel Imperial(cropped) near 12th and Filbert St. Hotel        
PDCT00077 Hotel Hanover Arch and N. 12th St. Hotel        
PDCT00078 Guy's Hotel near 7th and Chestnut St. Hotel        
PDCT00079 Greene's Hotel NEC 8th and Chestnut St. Hotel        
PDCT00080 Windsor Hotel 1219-1227 Filbert St. Hotel   1892    
PDCT00081 Braithewaite and Co Carriage Builders Broad and Mt. Vernon St. Office        
PDCT00082 Hotel Lorraine Broad and Fairmont St. Hotel Willis Hale      
PDCT00083 Union Insurance Company SWC 3rd and Walnut St. Office TP Chandler      
PDCT00084 Fidelity Mutual 112-116 N. Broad St. Office Newman and Harris?   King's views p. 37  
PDCT00085 Aldine Hotel 1918-20 Chestnut St. Hotel Hillman and Hutton      
PDCT00086 Aldine Hotel 1918-20 Chestnut St. Hotel Hillman and Hutton      
PDCT00087 Cutler's Brevoort House   Hotel        
PDCT00088 John Dobson 20 N. Front St. Store and Office        
PDCT00089 J P Doherty and Company Tailer 1443 Chestnut St. Store Wilson Eyre      
PDCT00090 T J Dunn and Co. Cigar Manufacturer 210-14 N. Broad St. Manufacturing        
PDCT00091 Caldwell and Co 900-06 Chestnut St. Stores John McArthur      
PDCT00092.1 Charles S. Caffrey Carriages Company 1712 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00092.2 Charles S. Caffrey Carriages Company (cropped) 1712 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00093 F M Cambell and Co. Draperies 1602 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00094 WM Cathrall Inc. 209 Church St. Store        
PDCT00095 Windsor Hotel 1217-1229 Filbert St. Hotel   1892    
PDCT00096 Edison light, heat and Power either 927 Chestnut or 904-912 Sansom Office        
PDCT00097 J Benton Young Real Estate   Office        
PDCT00098 Eugene Raymond Attorney 1432 Office        
PDCT00099 Bradbury Bedell Law Offices 1600 Chestnut St. Office        
PDCT00100 Library Company of Philadelphia NWC Locust and Juniper St. Library Frank Furness      
PDCT00101 Delaware Insurance Co. SEC 3rd and Walnut St. Office     King's Views p. 10  
PDCT00102 E A Bowker and Co. Cigars 1237-1239 Market St. Store        
PDCT00103 Bowen, Dungan and Co. 715-19 Arch St. Store and Office        
PDCT00104 Houses and Stores 1320-24 Walnut St. Street        
PDCT00105 F M Borden and Bro. 128 N 2nd St. Store        
PDCT00106 Blumenthal Bros. and company 46 N. 3rd Store   1886    
PDCT00107 J Behal and Sons and Apartment 409 N. 3rd Store   1895    
PDCT00108 George B Bains Trunks and Valises 402-4 Market St. Store        
PDCT00109 Bullock and Crenshaw Druggists 528 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00110 Joel J Bailey and Co. Importers 19-21 Market St. Store Benjamin D. Price 1873    
PDCT00111 H O Atwood and Bro. Furniture 42 S. 2nd St. Store   1891    
PDCT00112 Finley Acker and Co. Candies 123 N. 8th Store        
PDCT00113 V E Archambault and son. Carpets 1033 Martket St. Store        
PDCT00114 William Penn Charter School 12th below Market St. School Cope and Stewardson   King's Views p. 13  
PDCT00115 Ibans Dietz und Metzger Rugs 1220 Market St. Store        
PDCT00116 Ibans Dietz und Metzger Rugs 1220 Market St. Store        
PDCT00117 B S Jenny and Co   Store        
PDCT00118 Johnson and Stokes Garden Seeds 219 Market St. Store        
PDCT00119 Justice Bateman and Company 122 S. Front St. Store        
PDCT00120 A B Kirschbaum and Co Tailors 726-28 Market St. Store and Office        
PDCT00121 Kennedy Willing and Co 524-26 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00122 George Kelley Furniture 626 Store        
PDCT00123 George DeB Keim Saddelry 610 Market St. Store        
PDCT00124.1 J R Keim 515-517 Market St. Store   1885    
PDCT00124.2 J R Keim (cropped) 515-517 Market St. Store   1885    
PDCT00125 Kayser and Allman Wallpaper 1214 Market Store        
PDCT00126 Kohn Adler and Co. Wholesale Millinery 724 Market St.? Store        
PDCT00127 Perpetual and Fire Insurance Co. 725 Walnut St.? residential into Offices        
PDCT00128 Commonwealth Title and Insurance 713-21 Chestnut St. Bank        
PDCT00129 Horn and Brannon Manufacturing co. Electric and Gas Fixtures 427-33 N. Broad St. manufacturing        
PDCT00130 Hall and Carpenter 709 Market St. Office        
PDCT00131 Haney White and Co. Builder's Supplies 2730-34 N. Broad St. Store        
PDCT00132 W S Hansel and Sons Horse Clothing 306 Market St. Store        
PDCT00133 Heywood Bros and Wakefield Co. 244-254 S. 5th St. Store Willis Hale 1892    
PDCT00134.1 Howett Warner and Co 427-31 Market St. Store        
PDCT00134.2 Howett Warner and Co (cropped) 427-31 Market St. Store        
PDCT00135.1 Hughs and Muller Tailor 1035-7 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00135.2 Hughs and Muller Tailor (cropped) 1035-7 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00136.1 Hunt Wilkson and Co Curtains 1219-21 Market St. Store   1881    
PDCT00136.2 Hunt Wilkson and Co Curtains (cropped) 1219-21 Market St. Store   1881    
PDCT00137 Huey and Christ 1207-11 Market (1207 = Furness)          
PDCT00138 Henry W. Green Window-Shade Factory 1716 Market St. Store        
PDCT00139 N Z Graves Paint 3rd and Arch St. Store     King's Views 40 D  
PDCT00140 Graff Son and Co. Boots, shoes and Rubbers 512 Market St. Store        
PDCT00141 Gimbel Brothers 812-20th and Market Store Willis Hale      
PDCT00142 Gimbel Brothers SEC 9th and Market St. Store Addison Hutton      
PDCT00143 Garber and Birch Auctioneers 129 Store        
PDCT00144 Delaware Iron Co S. 3rd St below Walnut St. Store        
PDCT00145 J G Darlington and Co Dry Goods 1126 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00146 Sylvan Dalcimer and Son Shoes   Store        
PDCT00147 Evans Drug Store(Marks bros) 8th and Arch St. Store        
PDCT00148 A G Elliot and Co. Paper Manufacturers 30-32 S 6th St. Store     King's views 48b  
PDCT00149 E C Eisenbrey shirts 1227 Market St. Store        
PDCT00150 Charles B Edward China and Glasswear 1024 Market St. Store        
PDCT00151 H O Walker and Sons, Chocolate Makers N. 3rd St. Store        
PDCT00152 A C Yeats and Co Clothing   Store        
PDCT00153 Young Smith and Field and Co. 1003 Market St. Store        
PDCT00154 George Zindel, Tailor 12th and Walnut St. Store        
PDCT00155 N. Snellenburg and Co Dry Goods 12th and Market St. Store        
PDCT00156 Schmuck and Co. Hats 1204 Store        
PDCT00157 Joseph Shoenman, Boys Clothing 240 Store        
PDCT00158 B Selig and Co. Manufacturers of Boys clothing   Store        
PDCT00159.1 Sharpless Bros Dry Goods Chestnut and 8th St. Store        
PDCT00159.2 Sharpless Bros Dry Goods (cropped) Chestnut and 8th St. Store        
PDCT00160 C J Shaw Ladies Dresses 1216 Store        
PDCT00161 Shoneman Bros Dry Goods 118 N. 8th Store        
PDCT00162 Snodgras Murray and Co. Cloths NWC 901 Market St. Store        
PDCT00163 James Spear, Stove and Heating 1012-1016 Market St. Store        
PDCT00164 Snyder Harris, Basset and Co. Wholesale Clothing 525 Market St. Store        
PDCT00165 Walter M. Steppacher and Bros. 932-934 Store        
PDCT00166 Stilz Bros. Tailors 1305 S. 4th St. Store        
PDCT00167 Strawbridge and Clothier Dry Goods 8th and Market St. Store        
PDCT00168 Jacob Reed and Sons Men's Clothing 1412-1414 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00169 Strawbridge and Co Dry Goods 8th and Market St. Store        
PDCT00170 E Clinton Brush Manufacturers 1008 Market St. Store        
PDCT00171.1 Alfred M Collins, Manufacturing 527 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00171.2 Alfred M Collins, Manufacturing(cropped) 527 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00172 Colonial Stove Co. 70-72 Store        
PDCT00173 Continental Manufacturing Co. 329 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00174 I S Custer sons and Co. American Novelty Straw works 724 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00175 Frismuth Bro and Co. Luxury Tobacco Works 151 N. 3rd St. Store        
PDCT00176 Liverpool Fire Insurance, New York Fire Insurance Co. 331-7 Walnut St. Bank     *OBD99 424,King's views p 11  
PDCT00177 Fidelity Mutual Life 112-116 N Broad St. Bank F. Newmann      
PDCT00178 Insurance co. of North America 232 Walnut St. Bank     *OBD99 p. 340, King's Views p. 10  
PDCT00179 Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania SEC 3rd and Chestnut St. Bank        
PDCT00180 Insurance Co. of the State of Pennsylvania 136-8 S. 4th St. Bank T Roney Williamson   *OBD99 p. 384, ink sketches of faces on back of image  
PDCT00182 Brown Bros. and Co. SEC 4rth and Chestnut St. Store TP Chandler   *OBD99 118  
PDCT00183 Frederick Brown and Co.   Store        
PDCT00185 Browning King and Co. Men's Clothing 910-912 Chestnut st. Store        
PDCT00186 Robert Buist C Garden seeds 922 Market St. Store        
PDCT00187 William H. Wannamaker Men's and Boys Clothing SEC 6th and Market St. Store        
PDCT00188 William Waterall and Co. Paint Manufacturer 4rth and Race St. Store        
PDCT00189 George B. Wells Hats   Store        
PDCT00190 White Hentz and Co. Whiskeys 222 N. 2nd St. Store        
PDCT00191 Horace B. Wimley, Caterer 1604 N. Broad St. Store        
PDCT00192 Wall and Ochs Opticians 1716 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00193 H C Roberts Electrical Suppliers 831 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00194 P Rodgers and Sons Teas 115 E. Front St. Store        
PDCT00195 Howard Thomas and Bro. Carpets and Wall Paper 926-928 Market St. Store        
PDCT00196 H M Rosenblatt and Co. leather and Canvas Goods   Store        
PDCT00197 Henry Rohner, Importer in Foreign Cheese and Delicacies 5th and Race St. Store        
PDCT00198 Thomas Roberts, Stevenson and Co. 1900 S. 2nd St. Store        
PDCT00199 E O Thompson's Sons merchant tailors and importers 1338 Chestnut or 908 Walnut Store        
PDCT00200 John C Townsend Teas and Coffees SWC 12th and Arch St. Store        
PDCT00201 E D Trymby upholstery 1007-1011 Market St. Store        
PDCT00202 Lincoln Hotel TWCA branch 1222 Locust St. Hotel        
PDCT00203 Minerva Hotel   Hotel        
PDCT00204 Hotel Scott 1425-29 Hotel        
PDCT00205 Lafayette Hotel (formerly La Pierre House) Broad and Sansom St. Hotel        
PDCT00206 Hotel Vendig NWC 12th and Market St. Hotel        
PDCT00207 American Fire Insurance Co. 308-310 Walnut St. Hotel     King's Views p 11  
PDCT00208 The Parkside   Hotel        
PDCT00209 Franklin Fire Insurance Co. 421 Walnut St. Bank        
PDCT00210 Royal Insurance Co of Liverpool 306 Walnut St. Bank Thomas U. Walter      
PDCT00211 United Fireman's Insurance Co 419 Walnut St. Bank     King's Views p. 11  
PDCT00212 Fire Cessation of Philadelphia 407-409 Walnut St. Bank     King's views p. 10  
PDCT00213 Robert Stiel Importer of Wines Liquors and Cigars Broad and Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00214 S H Quint and Sons Engravers and Stamp cutters 14 S. 4rth St. Store        
PDCT00215 Philadelphia Brass Works, William Walker Proprietor 223-225 Store        
PDCT00216 Penn Furniture Co 1023 Store        
PDCT00217 L H Parker and Co Coffees and Teas 232-234 Store        
PDCT00218 Pancoast and Maule steam heating 243-245 S. 3rd St. Store        
PDCT00219 Charles Munson Belting Co.   Store        
PDCT00220 John Mundell and Co. Manufacturers of Children's Shoes 123 N. 13th St. Store        
PDCT00221 H Muhr's Sons, Jewelers 629 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00222 Miller Beyer and Co. Wholesale Dry Goods 10th and Filbert St. Store        
PDCT00223 George Miller and Son, Candies 257-258 S. 3rd St. Store        
PDCT00224 Merchant and Co. Metals 517 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00225 Irwin N. Manganger and Co. Paper and Rags 12-14 S. 6th St. Store        
PDCT00226 Marks Bros Milling Dry Goods 8th and Arch St. Store        
PDCT00227 Geoffrey S. Mahn, Importer and Manufacturer of Cigars 11th and Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00228 McClees Galleries 1615 Walnut St. gallery        
PDCT00229 William McCarter and Son 256-258 S. Fifth St. Store        
PDCT00230 McCallum and Co Carpeting 1012-1014 Chestnut St. Store        
PDCT00231 Liveright, Greenewald and Co. Clothing, wholesale manufacturers 45 N. 3rd St. Store        
PDCT00232 Lippincot, Johnsohn and Co. Cloth house 1021 Walnut St. Store     Kings Views p. 48b  
PDCT0181 Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co 510 Walnut St. Bank     King's Views p. 11