Browsing the Buildings


            This Site has been created so that those interested can easily browse the lists of the 232 images in the Frank H. Taylor Collection. While there is no search engine for the collection,  the list has been subdivided in three ways to help browsing: Building Type, Location and Architect.  While building type and Location have separate pages for each subsection,  a complete list can be seen in the „Browse by Architectš page.  For Information about the classification of the buildings,  see About this Site.


            Any time you wish to return to the main page or go back a step, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the desired icon.


Finding the Images


            Unfortunately, time constraints have made it impossible to scan the images, though they will be scanned by the Philadelphia Free Library as a part of their Digitization project. All of the images are located in the Philadelphia Free Library‚s Print and Picture Department and have a Unique Identifier # for easy location.