*OBD99 = actual image appears in the Philadelphia Office Building Directory 1899. All other "Appears in" entries signify the inclusion of the building, not the actual image in the publication.

Field? = good chance that the data is correct, yet still questionable.

no address or just a number = all the information that was available

  Building Type Name Location Architect      
PDCT00043 Armory Pennsylvania Nat'l. Guard Broad and Callowhill St.        
PDCT00044 Armory State Fencibles Armory N. Broad St.   Sharf and Westcott Vol. 2 pg. 18    
PDCT0181 Bank Pennsylvania Fire Insurance Co 510 Walnut St.   King's Views p. 11    
PDCT00017 Bath Turkish and Russian Baths 1104 Walnut St. Wilson Eyre      
PDCT00009 Business Lasher Building 147-151 N 10th St.        
PDCT00061 Charitable Institution Mary Drexel House 22nd and S. College Ave and Poplar St.     Newell and son. 535
PDCT00062 Charitable Institution Southern Home for Destitute Children S. Broad and Morris     Newell and Son. 490
PDCT00023 Club YMCA SEC 15th and Chestnut St. Addison Hutton *OBD 99 p. 516,King's Views p. 17    
PDCT00024 Club Manufacturer's Club 1409 Walnut St. Hazlehurst and Huckel Kings Views p. 24    
PDCT00025 Club Junger Maennerchor Hall NWC 6th and Vine St.        
PDCT00030 Club Columbia Club House NWC Broad and Oxford St. J F Ord *OBD 99 p. 188,Kings Views 24a    
PDCT00031 Club The Century Club House 124 S. 12th St. Minerva Parker Nichols      
PDCT00020 College Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 10th above Cherry St.   Henry Founder's Week    
PDCT00028 Factory/Office Warner Hall Broad below Wallace St.        
PDCT00228 gallery McClees Galleries 1615 Walnut St.        
PDCT00032 Government City Hall Broad and Market John McArthur R. Newell and Son no. 592    
PDCT00060 Government City Hall Penn Square John McArthur      
PDCT00004 Hospital Philadelphia Lying-In Charity Hospital 126 N. 11 St.   Henry Founder's Week - 758    
PDCT00033 Hospital St.Agnes Hospital Broad and Mifflin St. Durang      
PDCT00100 Library Library Company of Philadelphia NWC Locust and Juniper St. Frank Furness      
PDCT00090 Manufacturing T J Dunn and Co. Cigar Manufacturer 210-14 N. Broad St.        
PDCT00129 manufacturing Horn and Brannon Manufacturing co. Electric and Gas Fixtures 427-33 N. Broad St.        
PDCT00065 Office/Manufacturing and Restaurant Scattergood's Saloon 8th and Sansom St.        
PDCT00054 Religious Institution Church House (pe) 12th and Walnut St.        
PDCT00055 Religious Institution Church House (pe) 12th and Walnut        
PDCT00014 residences Residences 18th and Arch St.        
PDCT00018 Residential Apartment Building 10th and Pine St.        
PDCT00127 residential into Offices Perpetual and Fire Insurance Co. 725 Walnut St.?        
PDCT00063 Restaurant R R Sooy and Son's Oyster and Chop House 12 and Clover St.above Chestnut St.        
PDCT00064 Restaurant Fuchslugger's Restaurant South Penn Square        
PDCT00066 Restaurant and Residential Kugler's Restaurant 34-6 S. Broad St.   *OBD99 p. 405    
PDCT00067.1 Restaurant and Residential Boothby's 1229 Chestnut St.        
PDCT00067.2 Restaurant and Residential Boothby's 1229 Chestnut St.        
PDCT00114 School William Penn Charter School 12th below Market St. Cope and Stewardson King's Views p. 13    
PDCT00019 Stores/Offices 936-942 Market St.          
PDCT00015 Street SEC 22nd and Chestnut St.   Wilson Eyre, Angus Wade?      
PDCT00104 Street Houses and Stores 1320-24 Walnut St.        
PDCT00027 Theater Shakespeare Building 1015-1019 Chestnut St.        
PDCT00137   Huey and Christ 1207-11 Market (1207 = Furness)