*OBD99 = actual image appears in the Philadelphia Office Building Directory 1899. All other "Appears in" entries signify the inclusion of the building,not the actual image in the publication.

Field? = good chance that the data is correct, yet still questionable.

no address or just a number = all the information that was available

Name Location Architect Built Appears In
PDCT00002 Pennsylvania Railroad Company 4th near Walnut St.      
PDCT00003 Sibley Building 1214-1220 Filbert St.   1889  
PDCT00008 Manhattan Life Insurance Co of New York SEC. 4rth and Walnut Thomas P Lonsdale   *OBD 99 p. 442,King's views p. 23
PDCT00011 Office Building (Knickerbocker Ice?) 6th and Arch St.      
PDCT00012 Trust Company of N. America (also known as Swain building) 503-7 Chestnut St. Durang?   *OBD99 p. 608, Kings Views 2nd Section p. 8B
PDCT00022 Rothschild Building 12-14 South Broad St.Penn Square Yarnall and Goforth   *OBD 99 p. 566
PDCT00029 S S White Building 12th and Chestnut S Sloan 1867  
PDCT00035 Provident Building NWC 4th and Chestnut St. Frank Furness    
PDCT00038 Beneficial Savings Trust 12th and Chestnut St. EF Durang    
PDCT00041 Land Title and Trust Company 608 Chestnut St.      
PDCT00050 Baxter Building 731-33      
PDCT00051 Baker Building 1520 Chestnut St.?   1880  
PDCT00052 Betz Building SE Corner Broad St.South Penn Square Will Decker    
PDCT00053 Franklin Building 12th and Lawson St. Frank Furness    
PDCT00058 Bullitt Building 143 s. 4th St. Hewitt Bros    
PDCT00059 Bell Telephone Co. NEC 11th and Filbert St.     *OBD99 p. 129
PDCT00068 Vulcanite Building 1710-12 Market     *OBD 99 p. 632
PDCT00069 Baxter Building 1414 S. Penn Square     *OBD99 p. 66
PDCT00070 Freeman Building SWC 12th and Walnut St.      
PDCT00071 Gibson Building 1307-11 Market St. George Hewitt   *OBD99 p. 130
PDCT00081 Braithewaite and Co Carriage Builders Broad and Mt. Vernon St.      
PDCT00083 Union Insurance Company SWC 3rd and Walnut St. TP Chandler    
PDCT00084 Fidelity Mutual 112-116 N. Broad St. Newman and Harris?   King's views p. 37
PDCT00096 Edison light, heat and Power either 927 Chestnut or 904-912 Sansom      
PDCT00097 J Benton Young Real Estate        
PDCT00098 Eugene Raymond Attorney 1432      
PDCT00099 Bradbury Bedell Law Offices 1600 Chestnut St.      
PDCT00101 Delaware Insurance Co. SEC 3rd and Walnut St.     King's Views p. 10
PDCT00130 Hall and Carpenter 709 Market St.      
PDCT00016 Commercial Building and Hotel Carrollton 309-11 Arch St.