*OBD99 = actual image appears in the Philadelphia Office Building Directory 1899. All other „Appears inš entries signify the inclusion of the building,  not the actual image in the publication.

Field? = good chance that the data is correct, yet still questionable.

no address or just a number = all the information that was available


Newman and Harris? Benjamin D. Price
Unique Identifyer Name Location Building Type Architect Built Appears In
PDCT00003 Sibley Building 1214-1220 Filbert St. Office   1889    
PDCT00004 Philadelphia Lying-In Charity Hospital 126 N. 11 St. Hospital     Henry Founder's Week - 758
PDCT00009 Lasher Building 147-151 N 10th St. Business        
PDCT00011 Office Building (Knickerbocker Ice?) 6th and Arch St. Office        
PDCT00016 Commercial Building and Hotel Carrollton 309-11 Arch St. Office/Hotel        
PDCT00020 Philadelphia College of Pharmacy 10th above Cherry St. College     Henry Founder's Week  
PDCT00025 Junger Maennerchor Hall NWC 6th and Vine St. Club        
PDCT00028 Warner Hall Broad below Wallace St. Factory/Office        
PDCT00037 Northern Liberties national Bank 300-08 N. 3rd St. Bank        
PDCT00039 American Trust Company and Savings Fund Ridge Ave or 928 Spring Garden? Bank   1890    
PDCT00040 Consolidation National Bank 329 N. 3rd Bank   1857    
PDCT00043 Pennsylvania Nat'l. Guard Broad and Callowhill St. Armory        
PDCT00059 Bell Telephone Co. NEC 11th and Filbert St. Office     *OBD99 p. 129  
PDCT00071 Gibson Building 1307-11 Market St. Office     *OBD99 p. 130  
PDCT00076.1 Hotel Imperial near 12th and Filbert St. Hotel        
PDCT00076.2 Hotel Imperial(cropped) near 12th and Filbert St. Hotel        
PDCT00077 Hotel Hanover Arch and N. 12th St. Hotel        
PDCT00080 Windsor Hotel 1219-1227 Filbert St. Hotel   1892    
PDCT00084 Fidelity Mutual 112-116 N. Broad St. Office    King's views p. 37  
PDCT00088 John Dobson 20 N. Front St. Store and Office        
PDCT00090 T J Dunn and Co. Cigar Manufacturer 210-14 N. Broad St. Manufacturing        
PDCT00094 WM Cathrall Inc. 209 Church St. Store        
PDCT00095 Windsor Hotel 1217-1229 Filbert St. Hotel   1892    
PDCT00102 E A Bowker and Co. Cigars 1237-1239 Market St. Store        
PDCT00103 Bowen, Dungan and Co. 715-19 Arch St. Store and Office        
PDCT00105 F M Borden and Bro. 128 N 2nd St. Store        
PDCT00106 Blumenthal Bros. and company 46 N. 3rd Store   1886    
PDCT00107 J Behal and Sons and Apartment 409 N. 3rd Store   1895    
PDCT00109 Bullock and Crenshaw Druggists 528 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00110 Joel J Bailey and Co. Importers 19-21 Market St. Store  1873    
PDCT00112 Finley Acker and Co. Candies 123 N. 8th Store        
PDCT00113 V E Archambault and son. Carpets 1033 Martket St. Store        
PDCT00118 Johnson and Stokes Garden Seeds 219 Market St. Store        
PDCT00121 Kennedy Willing and Co 524-26 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00124.1 J R Keim 515-517 Market St. Store   1885    
PDCT00124.2 J R Keim (cropped) 515-517 Market St. Store   1885    
PDCT00130 Hall and Carpenter 709 Market St. Office        
PDCT00132 W S Hansel and Sons Horse Clothing 306 Market St. Store        
PDCT00134.1 Howett Warner and Co 427-31 Market St. Store        
PDCT00134.2 Howett Warner and Co (cropped) 427-31 Market St. Store        
PDCT00136.1 Hunt Wilkson and Co Curtains 1219-21 Market St. Store   1881    
PDCT00136.2 Hunt Wilkson and Co Curtains (cropped) 1219-21 Market St. Store   1881    
PDCT00137 Huey and Christ 1207-11 Market (1207 = Furness)        
PDCT00139 N Z Graves Paint 3rd and Arch St. Store     King's Views 40 D  
PDCT00140 Graff Son and Co. Boots, shoes and Rubbers 512 Market St. Store        
PDCT00147 Evans Drug Store(Marks bros) 8th and Arch St. Store        
PDCT00149 E C Eisenbrey shirts 1227 Market St. Store        
PDCT00151 H O Walker and Sons, Chocolate Makers N. 3rd St. Store        
PDCT00153 Young Smith and Field and Co. 1003 Market St. Store        
PDCT00161 Shoneman Bros Dry Goods 118 N. 8th Store        
PDCT00162 Snodgras Murray and Co. Cloths NWC 901 Market St. Store        
PDCT00164 Snyder Harris, Basset and Co. Wholesale Clothing 525 Market St. Store        
PDCT00171.1 Alfred M Collins, Manufacturing 527 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00171.2 Alfred M Collins, Manufacturing(cropped) 527 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00173 Continental Manufacturing Co. 329 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00174 I S Custer sons and Co. American Novelty Straw works 724 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00175 Frismuth Bro and Co. Luxury Tobacco Works 151 N. 3rd St. Store      
PDCT00188 William Waterall and Co. Paint Manufacturer 4rth and Race St. Store        
PDCT00190 White Hentz and Co. Whiskeys 222 N. 2nd St. Store        
PDCT00193 H C Roberts Electrical Suppliers 831 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00197 Henry Rohner, Importer in Foreign Cheese and Delicacies 5th and Race St. Store        
PDCT00200 John C Townsend Teas and Coffees SWC 12th and Arch St. Store        
PDCT00201 E D Trymby upholstery 1007-1011 Market St. Store        
PDCT00220 John Mundell and Co. Manufacturers of Children's Shoes 123 N. 13th St. Store        
PDCT00222 Miller Beyer and Co. Wholesale Dry Goods 10th and Filbert St. Store        
PDCT00224 Merchant and Co. Metals 517 Arch St. Store        
PDCT00226 Marks Bros Milling Dry Goods 8th and Arch St. Store        
PDCT00231 Liveright, Greenewald and Co. Clothing, wholesale manufacturers 45 N. 3rd St. Store