*OBD99 = actual image appears in the Philadelphia Office Building Directory 1899. All other "Appears in" entries signify the inclusion of the building, not the actual image in the publication.
Field? = good chance that the data is correct, yet still questionable.
no address or just a number = all the information that was available

Name Location Building Type Architect Built Appears In Notes
PDCT00026 Pepper Building (may not be Pepper building) Office
PDCT00050 Baxter Building 731-33 Office
PDCT00075 The Jerome Hotel
PDCT00087 Cutler's Brevoort House Hotel
PDCT00097 J Benton Young Real Estate Office
PDCT00098 Eugene Raymond Attorney 1432 Office
PDCT00117 B S Jenny and Co Store
PDCT00122 George Kelley Furniture 626 Store
PDCT00143 Garber and Birch Auctioneers 129 Store
PDCT00146 Sylvan Dalcimer and Son Shoes Store
PDCT00152 A C Yeats and Co Clothing Store
PDCT00156 Schmuck and Co. Hats 1204 Store
PDCT00157 Joseph Shoenman, Boys Clothing 240 Store
PDCT00158 B Selig and Co. Manufacturers of Boys clothing Store
PDCT00160 C J Shaw Ladies Dresses 1216 Store
PDCT00165 Walter M. Steppacher and Bros. 932-934 Store
PDCT00172 Colonial Stove Co. 70-72 Store
PDCT00183 Frederick Brown and Co. Store
PDCT00189 George B. Wells Hats Store
PDCT00196 H M Rosenblatt and Co. leather and Canvas Goods Store
PDCT00203 Minerva Hotel Hotel
PDCT00204 Hotel Scott 1425-29 Hotel
PDCT00208 The Parkside Hotel
PDCT00215 Philadelphia Brass Works, William Walker Proprietor 223-225 Store
PDCT00216 Penn Furniture Co 1023 Store
PDCT00217 L H Parker and Co Coffees and Teas 232-234 Store
PDCT00219 Charles Munson Belting Co. Store