5859 Germantown Avenue

HSP: Campbell Collection (compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 33, p. 152, "Association Property Undeveloped, Haines Street and Germantown Avenue" (photograph taken before 1911).
5859 is third from the corner, gable end facing the street.

Dorothy Reger's small grocery store occupied a story-and-a-half house on this site during the early nineteenth century; the Regers' famous apple cider vinegar was sold here. For most of the nineteenth century this was a candy store. This is also said to be where Joseph Parker (the first to sell cricket goods in this country) started in business about 1868. A building with its gable end facing the street is shown on this site in late nineteenth and early twentieth-century pictures; it is unclear if this is the same building used by the Regers.

Demolished. In 1965 a commercial building was erected on this site.

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