5857 Germantown Avenue
Samuel Coulston's house

Left: HSP: "Sylvester Coulston's House," Shoemaker Collection, folio 9 (image of wash and ink drawing by John Richards).
Right: HSP: Campbell Collection (compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 33, p. 152, "Association Property Undeveloped, Haines Street and Germantown Avenue" (photograph). The three story brick building at 5857 is to the left of the YMCA and to the right of the building with its gable end facing the street.

Samuel Coulston's modest home and blacksmith shop were located just above the YMCA (former First Presbyterian Church). After the house was torn down for the construction of another building, Coulston continued his operations in the shop at the rear of the property at least into the 1880s.

The three-story brick store and dwelling that replaced Coulston's house had a flat roof and a two-register facade. This building was later demolished.

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