5900-02 Germantown Avenue
John Rittenhouse Houses

PHC: 5900 Germantown Avenue (photograph dated 1-22-64).

1982 National Register of Historic Places Inventory for Colonial Germantown Historic District:
"(NWC Rittenhouse Street) John Rittenhouse houses, c. 1828, first floor alterations nineteenth and twentieth centuries, two and one-half stories, stucco with wood trim, Federal style. --- Contributing."

In the first half of the eighteenth century, before John Rittenhouse owned these houses, a shoe manufacturer and a butcher conducted business on this site. Then John and his brother Samuel Rittenhouse conducted a well-known country store on the premises. By 1903, the corner had been transformed into a "business center" with a man named Hobson selling provisions such as flour and potatoes in the rear of the premises. This was one of the first buildings in Germantown to install gas lighting.

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