5928 Germantown Avenue
Old Town Hall

1st Town Hall, bird's 
eye view 1st Town Hall, new 
steeple 1st Town Hall in 

Left: HSP: Perkins Collection, vol. 61D, p. 42, "Bird's-Eye View of Central Germantown in the Early Sixties" (oval photograph shows Cuyler Hospital and the stand pipe for the Germantown Water Works as well as side of old Town Hall with original steeple)
Center: HSP: Perkins Collection, vol. 61D, p. 40 "Town Hall, Germantown" (photograph of facade of old Town Hall with second steeple built to accommodate the old State House clock)
Right: HSP: v51:56 "Germantown Hall" [in state of decay] (photograph from Dept of Public Works Neg #20169).


Constructed 1854, Napolean LeBrun architect. In 1862 additional frame buildings were constructed at rear for the Cuyler Civil War Hospital which were dismantled at the end of the war. In 1876 the old steeple was removed and a new one erected in order to accommodate the old clock (made by Isiah Lukens) and bell that had formerly hung in the State House.

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