5933 Germantown Avenue
Morris-Littell House

Left: "The Morris-Littell House, Main and High Streets," Rev. S. F. Hotchkins, Ancient and Modern Germantown, Mt. Airy, and Chestnut Hill (Philadelphia: P. W. Ziegler and Co., 1889), opposite page 144 (woodcut).
Right: LCP: John G. Bullock Collection, number 54 (lantern slide dated April 20, 1912).

Built on Issac Dilbeck's tract in the early eighteenth century, this house was in the Morris-Littell family from 1776 until 1888 when it was purchased by neighbor E.H. Butler. The house was torn down after the construction of Germantown High School in 1915.

This property was the site of one of the first botanical gardens in America, planted by early Germantown settler Dr. Christopher Witt (1675-1765), noted physician and associate of botanist John Bartram and also of Pietist Johannes Kelpius.

Mrs. Ann Willing Morris, granddaughter of Philadelphia Mayor Willing and a friend of Dolly Madison, here offered hospitality to soldiers from Montgomery County during the War of 1812. Two of her daughters became noted scientists: botanist Elizabeth Carrington Morris and entomologist Margaretta Hare Morris. The latter was the first female member of the Academy of Natural Sciences, known for her pioneering work on the life history of the seventeen-year locust.

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