5938 Germantown Avenue
Engle House

Richards photo 1859 1905 move

Left: LCP: F.D.B. Richards, Engle's House, 1859 (photograph dated 1859).
Right: HSP: Campbell Collection, vol. 33, p. 155: "Old Engle House in Process of Removal" (photograph from newsclipping dated 1905).

Engle House. 1758. Double House of stone with water shed which breaks the first and second story in front, curved into a slight canopy over the front door. Moved back from Germantown Avenue for construction of the Engle Building, 1905. Demolished, 1955.

During the colonial period, the Engles were among the first tanners in the country. Until 1895 the ruins of the tannery stood at the rear of the property along Honey Run, now enclosed in a sewer. During the Revolutionary War, Washington was entertained here, and the woodwork showed the marks of missiles fired during the Battle of Germantown.

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