5944-46 Germantown Avenue

HSP: "Eugene J. Loeble's Store," 1912 Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1912), vol. 33, p. 187 (newsclipping dated 10-18- 12).

1982 National Register of Historic Places Inventory for Colonial Germantown Historic District:
"Commercial/residential building, c. 1800; new facade c. 1910; first floor alteration c. 1940, two stories, brick with pressed metal and wood trim, Georgian Revival style. --- Contributing."

In 1891 Eugene J. Loeble began his confectionery, bakery and ice cream saloon in this building. Almost twenty years later he made substantial "improvements," including lowering the store to street level, installing an ice manufacturing and cold storage plant in the basement and renovating the bake house.

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