6001 Germantown Avenue
First Methodist Episcopal Church of Germantown

exterior interior

Left: HSP: Perkins Collection, vol. 61D, p. 55: "First M.E. Church Main and High Streets" (clipping).
Right: HSP: "First Methodist Church Pictorial Representation of William Lewis Turner Memorial Chapel and The Church House," p. 10 (photograph of church interior with stained glass windows designed and executed by the Tiffany Studios in New York. The Rose Window was designed by John LaFarge.)


1982 National Register of Historic Places Inventory for Colonial Germantown Historic District:
"(NEC High Street) First Methodist Episcopal Church of Germantown, 1898, Rankin and Kellogg, architects; addition 1913, Ballinger and Perrot, architects; addition 1915, Ballinger and Perrot, architects; alteration 1921, Ballinger Company, architects; Sunday School addition 1928, C. Hillman and Son, architects; alteration and addition 1930, Ballinger Company, architects, one story, stone, Gothic Revival style. --- Contributing."


Additional Sources:

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