6013 Germantown Avenue
Pastorius Homestead


HSP: Campbell Collection, vol. 33, p. 181: "Homestead of Francis Daniel Pastorius" (1908 engraving shows the Pastorius homestead between the Pastorius-Dunton house on the right and the Green Tree Tavern on the left).


Francis Daniel Pastorius (died 1719), leader of the settlers who arrived in Germantown in 1683, built this two-story dwelling at 6013 Germantown Avenue. In 1748 his grandson Daniel Francis Pastorius built the Green Tree Tavern immediately to the northwest of the homestead. In 1796 the founder's great grandson, a tanner also named Daniel Francis Pastorius, constructed his dwelling (now the Pastorius-Dunton house at 25 High Street) to the southeast of the original Pastorius home.

When the Pastorius homestead was demolished c. 1872, some of its materials were used by Dr. William R. Dutton in alterations and additions to the Pastorius-Dunton house. At least one other Pastorius dwelling, a farm house, still stood behind the Pastorius-Dunton house even after it was moved to 25 High Street to make way for the construction of the new First Methodist Church in 1898.

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