6021-23 Germantown Avenue
Warner (Warmer) Houses

LCP: John G. Bullock Collection, number 58: "6021 and 6023 Main St. Warner House" (undated lantern slide).

Colonial. Demolished in 1930 when the Green Tree Tavern was moved to this site.

In the earliest years of the Germantown settlement, Jan Doeden farmed and grew apples and pears on this lot just to the north of the Pastorius tract. Christian Warmer the elder, who resided on the next lot (extending to Walnut Lane), later purchased the properties both above and below the Pastorius tract, the Morris-Littell house and Doeden's house at 6021-23 Germantown Avenue. Christian Warmer the younger then lived here with Dr. Christopher Witt, who had previously resided in the Morris-Littell house with Daniel Geissler, its previous owner.

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These Warner houses also appear in some images of the Green Tree Tavern:

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