6031-33 Germantown Avenue

1982 National Register of Historic Places Inventory for Colonial Germantown Historic District:
"Commercial/residential building, 1886; first and second floor alterations c. 1900, three stories, stucco on brick with wood and pressed metal trim, Italianate/Georgian styles. --- Contributing."

Constructed in 1748 by Daniel Francis Pastorius adjacent to the homestead of his grandfather Francis Daniel Pastorius, the founder of Germantown; moved to 6023 and altered, 1930, to make room for additions to the First Methodist Church. The Battle of Germantown included this site; Washington is said to have dined here.

A.k.a. Green Tree Tavern, Hornet Nest. Ownership has passed from Livezey to Heath, 1775 (Mackenett rented); to Mackenett, 1797; to Charles Mackenett Pastorius, 1820; to John D. Wells, 1854; to John Longstreth to Humphrey Atherton, 1854; to John D. Wells [Bells?]; in 1850 to George W. Carpenter; to John S. Haines, 1871; to First Methodist Church, 1912; to Alexis DuPont Smith, 1930.

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