6118 Germantown Avenue
Thomas A. Gummey Residence

"Residence of Thomas A. Gummey, Main Street, opposite Herman"
HSP: Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, page 69 (clipped photographic image).

This two-story brick and stone house has undergone several major alterations. The property owned by Dedier family from at least 1809 until its sale to William Benner in 1848. During the Dediers' tenure, a small house and store stood alongside the house, which was for a time occupied by justice of the peace Squire Reaver.

After remodeling the house, Benner sold to Enoch Taylor. William Swift converted the property into a store after he purchased it in 1887, two years before his death.

The building was altered again, as a residence, by Thomas A. Gummey after his purchase. In 1891 this was a two story stone store and dwelling. By 1895 the building had been entirely converted to a dwelling by means of extensive alterations and additions, including an organ annex, conservatory, and large stair hall.

A one-story building, constructed c. 1930-40, is presently on this site.

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