6119 Germantown Avenue
Mennonite Meeting House and Burying Ground

LCP: John G. Bullock Collection, number 71: "Mennonite Meeting Main St." (undated lantern slide shows Victorian house which replaced Keyser house on the left).

1982 National Register of Historic Places Inventory for Colonial Germantown Historic District:
"Mennonite Meeting House, 1770, rear section 1907, one and one- half stories, stone with wood trim, Colonial style. The congregation was established in 1688 as the first Mennonite church in America (Webster, pp. 272-273). --- Significant."

The first Mennonite settlers worshipped in each other's homes until this property was acquired and a log church was built on the lower corner of the property in 1708. The first minister was William Rittenhouse; Christopher Dock conducted a school here before 1740. British General Agnew was shot here by revolutionary synmpathizers during the Battle of Germantown.

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