6133 Germantown Avenue
Samuel Keyser's House

LCP: Frederick DeBourg Richards, Mennonite Church, 1859 (photograph dated 1859 shows Keyser house to the left and old tenements behind).

The two and a half story stone and stucco house was probably built by Paul Engle in about 1750 and figured in some of the fiercest fighting in the Battle of Germantown. After the death of Jacob Engle the property in 1806 was sold to Jacob Kulp, then Sebastian Zimmerman and Charles Harvey, and in 1810 to Jacob Keyser, who in turn sold to his son Samuel in 1828.

In this house Samuel Keyser (1783-1868) raised six sons and employed about thirty men in the manufacture of shoes. The property was also notable for its fruit trees and for a cart road running along the north side of the house to the tenement houses known as Keysers court.

Samuel Keyser's heirs held the property until it was sold in 1870 to Washington Pastorius, who tore down the old buildings and erected two other houses on the site and opened up Pastorius Street.

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