6140 [6156] Germantown Avenue
Johnson/Peterson House, also known as Rose Cottage

HSP: Shoemaker Collection, folio 23: "Mrs. Marion Y. Peterson's Home. S Cor Germantown Road & W. Tulpehocken St." (photograph with text, dated 1890, before second three-story addition)

The property was in the hands of Aret Klinken and his descendents in the Johnson and Fallon families from 1687 until 1873. A log cabin and a two-story house stood on the site as early as 1687.

This two-story stone house was built by Anthony Johnson for his son Klinken sometime between 1791 and 1823. After 1846 John Fallon, who married Susan Johnson, opened up Tulpehocken Street and began to sell the property off in lots. Fallon also erected the Germantown Water Works office on this site (torn down in 1894).

Mrs. Marion Y. Peterson purchased the house sometime before 1873 and made extensive renovations. Other owners have included, in 1906, Walter Keeler and later a Miss Massey (who called the house "Rose Cottage").

The house was demolished some time before 1940. A gas station and then a Kentucky Fried Chicken have since stood on this site.

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