6140 Germantown Avenue
Photo Scrapbook 2(2), pp. 109-112
Germantown Historical Society

Included are:

Page 109:
"S.W. cor. Germantown Road & Tulpehocken Street, stood "ROSE COTTAGE," torn down some yrs. ago when Gasoline station was built there. This land, & through which Tulpehocke was cut thru. was the old property of Justus Johnson (1845) & it was here on this land that Arent Klincken, who came over with Wm. Penn in 1682, built the first 2 story house & Penn was at the raising "Dinner."

Page 110:

"On this site ARENT KLINCKEN built the first two story house built in Germantown, it was built of brick brought over from England. By brief of Title Aret or Arent Klincken took title to the property on Sept. 25, 1687, the year it is said he arrived from Dalem in Holland. He lived in this house to the good old age of 80 (1628-1708), leaving one son Anthony.

"The house was remembered by the old residents to have stood considerably further back from the street than the Water Company's Office, nearer where S. H. Thomas's house stood. In latter days it was yellow color washed, no doubt and believed to be made of stone. The statement that it was of brick, which was used in building Water Co. Office was refuted by the workmen when the Office was torn down in 1894, who found no old ones. The first water pipes laid down by the Company were made of wood. On the ground now forming the west corner of Tulpechocken & Main Streets, stood an OLD LOG CABIN, which is believed to have antedated the Klincken House and is said to be the first house in Germantown William Penn entered. This Cabin for a long time was occupied by a shoemaker, by the name of Anderson and it is believed his was the only colored family in Germantown at that date, prior to 1850 & his descendants are still about.

ANTHONY KLINCKEN, was a great hunter & died at the age of 82. His daughter Agnes married in 1733, JOHN JOHNSON SR. (1708-1794) and their son ANTHONY JOHNSON inherited the property, and it was he who erected the house just below the corner, (#5146, old number) which in 1894 was owned by Miss Massey. This house was built for his son KLINCKEN JOHNSON, who carried on business in it. (What kind is not known). His health failed, he abandoned the business & the property, & removed to other land of the family...

"Klincken's brother JUSTUS JOHNSON inherited the Main St. property and upon the death of Justus Johnson it went to his widow & five children. One of these children married JOHN FALLON, who opened up Tulpehocken Street, built the Water works at the end of the street and also built the Gtn. Water Co.'s Office at the S.W. cor. of Germantown Road & Tulpehocken St. Commenced supplying water in 1851.***(The Water Co., which commenced supplying water to Gtn. in 1851, took its supply from the dam at Paper Mill Run. In 1866 the City bought out the Water Co.)
This property was in one family from 1687 to 1873, when it was purchased by the late Marion Y. Peterson.

[1687 Herman Isaacs Opden Graeff 50 acres to Aret Klincken
1688 John Bleikers 25 acres to Aret Klincken
1688 Arnold Cassell 50 acres to Aret Klincken]

Page 111:
[1707/08 Aret Klincken's will
1717 Paul Engle and his wife Catharine 3 adjacent acres to Anthony Klincken
1743 Anthony Klincken & his wife Sybil to son-in-law John Johnson
1823 will of Anthony Johnson to son Anthony
1846 Justus Johnson willed property to wife and five children (including Mrs. Fallon)
1871 corner property (with water works office) belonged to McHenry
1885 property owned by Marion Y. Peterson
1806 property owned by Walter Keeler; later belonged to Miss Massey and known as "Rose Cottage"]

"The house to the left of Rose Cottage belonged to Miss Eliza Weaver in 1871. In 1885 to 1906 it was in the name of Enoch Taylor.

"Most of the above is from the notes of Thos. S. Shoemaker, & dated, Gtn. August 21, 1894."

Page 112:

"This house stood just below the S.W. cor. of Germantown Road & Tulpehocken St. It was built by ANTHONY JOHNSON, b. 1746, son of John Johnson Sr. & Agnes Klincken, she was the dau. of Anthony Klincken & granddaughter of ARENT KLINCKEN, who in 1687 built on this property the first 2 story house erected in Gtn. & Wm. Penn attended the raising Dinner. Originally at the corner stood a log Cabin, said to be the first house in Gtn. Penn entered. Anthony Johnson built this house for his son Klincken Johnson & his brother Justus inherited the entire property. One of his dau. m. John Fallon, who opened up Tulpehocken St. & built the Gtn. Water Works office at the corner, which was torn down in 1894. In 1871 this property belonged to McHenry. Later this house belonged to MISS MASSEY, & known as 'Rose Cottage.' Some years ago it was torn down to make way for the Gas station now occupying the site. Photo. 1903. '42"

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