East Walnut Lane and
Cosgrove Way (between High Street and East Walnut Lane)
Edwin C. Jellett, "Germantown Historical Miscellany," p. 321.
Germantown Historical Society

Included are manuscript text, clipped photograph and news article:

Manuscript text by E.C.J. dated 2-2-1906, accompanies the photo of 37-47 East Walnut Lane (north side):

"East Walnut Lane North side near Main St. erected fall of 1905 on site of office building of Buttons Mill which was torn down during the summer of 1905."

News article, dated 2/5/1925, describes houses (built ca. 1900) on Cogrove way and on the south side of the unit block of East Walnut Lane:

"Beautifying an Old Row of Small Dwellings"

"...Architectural critics in search of something novel ought to take a walk around to Cosgrove way.

"Cosgrove way used to be Cosgrove street, west of Baynton street. Not only its name but the general appearance of the locality has undergone a transformation of late.

"There is a row of eighteen two-story brick dwellings here. They were built twenty-five or more years ago, when two-story houses were intended chiefly for families of workingmen in modest circumstances.

"The row backed up against a similar row of three story dwellings on Walnut lane, and the two blocks of houses were for many years part of the extensive real estate holdings of the late Horace F. McCann.

"This part of Cosgrove street is not on the city plan. The houses are on the north side of the narrow street. On the south side are the backyards of large dwellings on High street. The only outlet from the street at the west end is an alley running to Walnut Lane.

"...The latest buyer turned Cosgrove street into Cosgrove way, and those who knew this row fifteen or twenty years ago would hardly recognize it now.

"To begin, the exterior has been altered by coating the brick walls with plaster and here and there over the wall cute little red designs have been placed, and at the upstairs windows is iron grill work about a little balcony, and there are lamps at the doors, also in grill work, and the front doors have glass in them their full length...

"The old driveway that was mud or dust most of the year is now built of concrete.

"Bordering the High street backyards a stone wall has been built, and between the wall and the driveway is a planted space adorned with evergreen shrubbery.

"At the Baynton street entrance to Cosgrove way is a massive stone gateway..."

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