5900-18 Germantown Avenue
Naaman Keyser, Manuscript Notes for v. 2 (north of Chelten), History of Old Germantown, p. 34
Germantown Historical Society

Included under the listing for 5920 are unpublished typewritten notes regarding these houses:

"Between (5920 Germantown Avenue) and Rittenhouse Street there were several frame houses. Shoemaker says, 'George Miller, a clock maker, resided next below Jacobs. He was the grandfather of Hiram Miller the well known builder.'
'John Detweiler, a storekeeper, lived next below Miller.'
'John Peisly, a shoemaker, resided below Miler's in a frame house owned by Jacobs.'
'James McMurter, a hatter, lived next below Peisly.'
The Jacobs property at a later period came into the possession of Samuel Keyser, and he sold it to Reuben Keyser in 1848. In 1862 Reuben Keyser conveyed it to Francis Koehler, a barber, who now owns it."

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