5926 Germantown Avenue

Naaman Keyser, Manuscript Notes for v. 2 (north of Chelten), History of Old Germantown, p. 35
Germantown Historical Society

Included are unpublished typewritten notes:

"5926. In this old house, at the southwest corner of Germantown Avenue and West Haines Street, Dr. Henry J. Squire opened a drug store in 1839, as a branch of his establishment at the southeast corner of Collom Street and Germantown Avenue. He afterwards removed to the opposite or northwest corner where Froelich's drug store now is.
"At one time, 'Josie' Hooter, a worker in German silver, lived here. Some of the German silver spoons made by the old man are still in use in Germantown.
"Reuben Keyser carried on the grocery business here for many years. The place is now owned by his descendants."

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