5933 Germantown Avenue
Morris-Littell House

Naaman Keyser, Manuscript Notes for v. 2 (north of Chelten), History of Old Germantown, pp. 38-40
Germantown Historical Society

Included are typewritten notes:

"The old mansion at the southeast corner of Germantown Avenue and High Street, usually attracts the attention of strangers because of its unique appearance. The rear part is considerably older that the rest, and this part was at one time the local post office. There is much of interest connected with the place, but it is especially associated with the name of Dr. Christopher Witt, the celebrated physician, Pietist, and Mystic philosopher.

"The property is a part of lot No. 15 'towards Bristol.' Its first owner was Isaac Dilbeck, who was one of the four servants who came over with Pastorius. The early deeds do not appear to be on record, but there is a record of an agreement that Dilbeck made with the Frankfort Company, which provides that he is to give his surplus time to the company in payment for the land...

"The next owner was Daniel Geissler, who was one of the Pietists that came over with Johannes Kelpius, the celebrated leader of the 'Hermits of the Ridge.'...After the death of Kelpius [in 1708] and the scattering of the members of the Mystic community that had been established upon the Wissahickon, Geissler and Dr. Witt came to live in a small house situated on the Warmer property.

"Geissler sold the property to Christian Warmer. Christian Warmer died in 1726, and in his will he made provision for the welfare of his two friends [will's provisions state that Doctor Witt and Daniel Geissler could live on the property until their deaths]. Dr. Witt and Daniel Geissler continued to live in the little house on the Warmer estate until Geissler's death, which took place in 1745. The doctor then went to live in the larger house that had been erected some time previously by Christian Warmer (2nd)."

Built by Christian Warmer, early eighteenth century. 1776 Elizabeth and Lydia Warmer to John Bringhurst. The line of ownership can be traced through the following persons:

"The sisters Elizabeth C. and Margaretta H. Morris lived here together after the death of their mother in 1853. Both of these ladies were noted for their scientific attainments, Elizabeth being well known as a botanist, and Margaretta an entomologist. The enotomological researchers of the latter were of considerable importance. She is especially remembered for having worked out the life history of the seventeen-year locust."

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