Green Tree Inn
6019 Germantown Avenue

Naaman Keyser, Manuscript Notes for v. 2 (north of Chelten), History of Old Germantown, p. 42
Germantown Historical Society

Included are unpublished typewritten notes:

"Although now the private residence of Dr. Alexis Dupont Smith, this old mansion was, at one time, the famous Green Tree Inn, a popular stopping place for driving and sleighing parties from the city. It was sometimes called 'The Widow Mackinet's Tavern.' Mrs. Mackinet, who had been the wife of the original owner of the house, was especially noted for her excellent cookery. To this circumstance the great popularity of the resort was undoubtedly due...

"The house was built by Daniel Pastorius in 1748. The inscription, 'D.S.P. 1748,' is still plainly visible on a stone in the peak of the southern gable...

"In 1775 the place was owned by John Livezey, and he sold it to Andrew Heath. After the death of Pastorius, his widow married Charles Mackinet who rented the property. After Mackinet's death, his widow was married for the third time to Andrew Heath."

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