6026 Germantown Avenue

Naaman Keyser, Manuscript Notes for v. 2 (north of Chelten), History of Old Germantown, p. 46
Germantown Historical Society

Included are unpublished typewritten notes:

"6026 (Hotchkin, 5056.)
"'WYCK.' The rear portion of this house is thought to have been built about 1690, and it is the general belief that it is the oldest house in Germantown. The land upon which it is built was taken up by Hans Milan some time between 1683 and 1689. It was located on 'Lot 17, towards Schuylkill.' Margaret, the daughter of Hans Milan, married Dirk Jansen...

"At the time of the battle, this house, because of its location near the scene of the heaviest fighting, was taken possession of by the British for hospital purposes. When General Lafayette visited Germantown in 1824, a reception in his honor was given in this house.

"The barn in the rear, that was built in 1796, was altered, in 1890, into a commodious colonial house. It faces Walnut Lane, and still retains the old title of 'The Barn.' It is now owned and occupied by Mr. Mantle Fielding.

"Germantown Avenue, which mainly followed the course of an old Indian trail, formerly ran through the low lands to the west of the house, according to the statement of Watson. He also says, - -'In the house of Reuben Haines, built by Dirk Johnson, a chief and his twenty Indians have been sheltered and entertained.'"

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