6118 Germantown Avenue

Naaman Keyser, Manuscript Notes for v. 2 (north of Chelten), History of Old Germantown, p. 51
Germantown Historical Society

Included are unpublished typewritten notes:

"6118 (Shoemaker, 5124; old number, 5118)
Peter Dedier, a farmer, lived here in 1809. Mr. Charles Haupt gives the following account of this property:--'This property belonged to the Dediers. It was for many years occupied by old Squire Reaver, who served a long time as justice of the peace...'

"Along side of this house was a smaller one in which Caspar Moyer lived in 1809, and where Mary Moyer kept a little store. She hung out the following unique sign:--
'I, Mary Moyer,
Keep Cakes and Beer.
I make my sign a little wider
To let you know I sell good cider.'

"The Dediers sold the property to William Benner, about 1848. He remodeled it and sold the property to Enoch Taylor, having previously removed to No. 6122. Mr. Taylor bought the old Weaver property and rented this. In 1886, Dr. Charles A. Currie lived here. In the latter part of 1887, William Swift bought the place and altered it into a store. He had previously been in business at what is now No. 6141. Mr. Swift died in 1889, and the property was sold to Thomas Gummey, who altered it into a dwelling. He still resides there."

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