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News article dated June 10, 1910 accompanied by the same photo as seen in Perkins Collection, vol. 61D, p. 79 at the HSP. Click here to view a small image or a larger image.

"To Open High Schools Here
Building of Young Republican Club and West Haines Street School Will Probably be Used For First Year Pupils"

"Two district high schools for first year pupils will likely be opened in Germantown next fall.

"...Of the several places proposed for district high schools in Germantown, the authorities of the Board of Education are disposed to give most favorable consideration to the building of the Young Republican Club, on the west side of Germantown avenue between Walnut lane and Tulpehocken street. This is a commodious three-story stone structure, with large rooms that can readily be converted into class rooms. The bowling alley could be utilized for an assembly room seating several hundred children.

"It is also believed that by a rearrangement of the divisions in several grammar and primary schools, room could be obtained in the building the Germantown Boys' Combined School on West Haines street, for a district high school.

"One of the district high schools will be for boys and the other for girls. The present plans are to give the children in the several districts the benefit of the first year of the high school course in the new schools, while for the remainder of the course they are to attend the high schools in the center of the city...

"Among the Germantown buildings proposed for this purpose were those of the Young Men's Christian Association and of the Germantown Boy's Club. The former it was found, is not well adapted for public school purposes, and the board of directors of the Boys' Club decided that the Club could not give up its building.

"It is understood that the Young Republican Club is willing to lease its building to the Board of Education."

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