25 High Street (formerly at 6001 Germantown Avenue)
Pastorius-Dunton House

on Germantown Ave. 25 High St.

Left: HSP: Campbell Collection, vol. 33, p. 182: "Pastorius Houses Fifty Years Ago [circa 1860]. The two-story structure was the original home of Francis Daniel Pastorius, and the three-story building was erected by his great-grandson, Daniel Pastorius" (clipping).
Right: LCP: John G. Bullock Collection, number 56: "Dr. Dunton's house, 25 E. High St. 2-14-1913" (lantern slide).


In 1796 the younger Daniel Francis Pastorius (a tanner and great grandson of Germantown founding father Francis Daniel Pastorius), constructed this house on Germantown Avenue below the Pastorius homestead and the Pastorius' Green Tree Tavern. This two and a half story stone dwelling originally stood on the bed of High Street just above the Morris-Littell house, but in 1851 was moved a short distance to the north to make way for the opening of High Street.

John Howard Frick and Dr. William R. Dunton later lived in the house. After Dunton purchased the house in the late 1860s, he used materials from the demolished Pastorius homestead in his additions and alterations to the house at 6001 Germantown Avenue. When the First Methodist Church was built on this site in 1898, Dunton's house was moved a second time, to 25 High Street. At least one other Pastorius dwelling, a farm house, still stood behind the Pastorius-Dunton house even after it was moved to make way for the church.

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