Old Methodist Meeting House
East Haines Street, south side, near Germantown Avenue

"The Old Methodist Meeting House & Infant School. On Methodist Lane, Now E Haines St, Lower Side."
HSP: Shoemaker Collection, folio 21:


This one-and-a-half story stone building was constructed in 1804 as the first Methodist church in Germantown. It was built on land which had belonged to Jacob and Dorothy Reger, members of the congregation. The Regers' residence, vinegar distillery and grocery store were adjacent to the church on Haines Street and on Germantown Avenue.

In 1829 the Methodists built a new, larger church a few doors up the lane. The original meeting house was then used as the Germantown Infant School until the mid-1880s when kindergartens and public schools took over the role of educating young children of poor families.

The congregation moved again in 1898, this time building the First Methodist Church on the corner of Germantown Avenue and High Street. The cemetery was dismantled in 1904 to make way for additions to the YMCA. The original meeting house itself no longer stands.

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