5906-08 Germantown Avenue
Hutchinson Store
Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 33, p. 153
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are a news clipping and photograph, dated June 2, 1911:

"Wednesday last Arthur M. Yeakel, of Frankford, took over the large grocery business of James Hutchinson, at 5906-08 Germantown avenue, above West Rittenhouse street. Mr. Hutchinson has been in ill health for several years past and has been compelled to give up active business.

"Mr. Yeakel...will conduct the business....along the same lines which made Mr. Hutchinson's business so successful. Many improvements will be added among which will be the opening of a complete delicatessen department like that which made Mr. Yeakel's Frankford store famous all over northeast Philadelphia....

Mr. Hutchinson commenced business in 1891...it is now regarded as a headquarters for local trade. Everything in the line of groceries, delicatessen, meats and provisions is purchased in large quantities, and sold at reasonable prices. Quality is a first consideration and goods were never misrepresented....The handsome store building which Mr. Yeakel now occupies was erected six years ago specially for the business. The store has a frontage on Germantown avenue of 50 feet, extending in depth 80 feet or more, and two stories in height. It is one of the largest and best appointed stores on Germantown avenue, and the aggregate of sales in a year is large...."

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