5919 Germantown Avenue
Butler Mansion
Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 33, p. 163
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are a photograph (taken from across Germantown Avenue and showing the wrought iron fence) and the following manuscript text:

"Butler House - Rose House"

"From the time that Peter Rose came to Gtn about the middle of the 18th c. and John Rose had a slaughter house on the historic ground of the old property until it came into possession of E. H. Butler about the middle of the 19th c. the present Butler estate has passed through many hands. Between the ownership of John Rose and Seddon and Seckel families and that of Wm F. Rose.

"The original homestead stood nearly on the line of Gtn ave at the lower end of the lawn. It was two storied stucco, gable roof similar to other old Gtn houses.

"Frederick Seckel lived in it while building a large mansion on the ground. E. H. Butler bought it in 1856, tore down old house, enlarged new one - Portico and conservatory - later additions altered the appearance considerably."

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