5938 Germantown Avenue
Engle House
Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 33, pages 135-142
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

1905 move

HSP: Campbell Collection, vol. 33, p. 155: "Old Engle House in Process of Removal" (photograph from newsclipping dated 1905).

The text of the above newsclipping reads as follows:

"With great care the famous Engle house, which has stood for more than 150 years at Haines street and Germantown avenue, is being moved from its present foundations 100 feet to the rear. The house has never passed from the possession of the family since it was built by Benjamin Engle in 1758. Marks of missiles fired during the battle of Germantown are still visible in the woodwork. Washington frequently was entertained there."

Also included in Cambell's newsclippings, postcard, sketch and photographic images are:

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