5944-46 Germantown Avenue
Loeble's confectionery and bakery
Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1912), vol. 33, p. 187
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included is a newsclipping (dated October 18, 1912) with the above photograph of the exterior and the following text:

"On account of the numerous improvements which have been made in Germantown the past year, some have been over looked that are worthy of special attention. Prominent among the latter is that which Eugene J. Loeble, confectioner and baker, has just completed at his place of business, 5946 Germantown avenue, below Harvey street.

"Mr. Loeble has lowered his store to the level of the pavement and has made his ice cream parlor one of the most attractive in this suburb. He has also installed an ice manufacturing and cold storage plant in the basement of the store, and an up-to-date ice cream making machine which insures absolute cleanliness. Not a hand touches the ingredients used in the making of his ice cream Everything is done by a sanitary system.

"Mr. Loeble's bake house has also been entirely renovated, and the output from that department is also handled in a strictly clean and sanitary manner.

"Mr. Loeble came to Germantown in 1881 and has grown up with the town. He started in business for himself in 1891 at the same place where he is today, and being a man of special attainments in his business, he soon had and still enjoys an enviable trade.

"Mrs. Loeble, who has charge of the store and ice cream saloon, is popular with the many women who do business at the place. The furnishing of ice cream, cakes and confectionery for weddings, parties and receptions, is one of the leading features at the Loeble confectionery."

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