6043 Germantown Avenue
Shippen-Blair House/The Laurens/Blair Academy
Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 35, pages 1-2
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

"6043 Germantown Ave. Copy of a photograph taken in 1859" (oval shaped image from the south showing one-story additions on the southeast side of the house)

Included are manuscript text and two other photographs:

Manuscript text:

"This house was bought by Dr. Wm. Shippen as a summer home in 1775. Said to have been first 3 story house in G'tn. Dr. Shippen's son-in-law Dr. Blair also lived here. Dr. Blair was Pres. of Princeton College.

"Penna. Manual Labor School was located in this same house under Dr. Geo. Junkin. In 1832 Dr. Junkin went to Easton, became Pres. of Lafayette College. 1857-this house was owned by Charlotee Cushman, who opened East Walnut Lane. The doorway is one that formerly the doorway of a house at School Lane and Gt'n Av. which belonged to Dr. Bensell. Savings Fund now on site of Dr. Bensell's house (1905)."

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