First Methodist Church (built 1820s) and rectory--later the site of the A.C. Harmer School (built 1903) and the Fire Insurance Patrol headquarters

East Haines Street, south side, east of the original Methodist Meeting House

Image available for the Fire Insurance Patrol house only.


During the 1820's, Germantown's Methodists built a new, larger church a few doors up the lane from their original meeting house built in 1804. No archival description of this 1820's building has been located.

The congregation moved again in 1898, this time constructing the First Methodist Church on the corner of Germantown Avenue and High Street. In 1903 the Haines Street church was replaced by the brick structure of the A.C. Harmer Combined School for Girls.

The rectory was housed in the old Chadwick homestead. In 1917 the rectory was remodeled as headquarters for Fire Insurance Patrol No. 4. The facade of this flat-roofed, brick structure had two windows, a centered door and a garage door on the first floor, and three pairs of windows on the two upper floors.


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