Haines Street
Old First Methodist Church Cemetery
Campbell Collection (Compiled by Jane Campbell, circa 1900-1910), vol. 33, p. 186
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included in the February, 1904 newsclipping are:

"Desolate Cemetery to be Dismantled
Resting Place of Revolutionary Soldiers to Give Way to Improvements.
Will be filled in"

"Bones of Revolutionary soldiers and of men prominent in the affairs of Germantown will be disturbed soon by the progress of the improvements that will result in the destruction of the old graveyard adjoining the East Haines Street Methodist Episcopal Church, in Haines street, east of Germantown avenue.

"Desolation reigns in the little 'God's acre,' which has been abandoned for years. The tombstones are discolored and awry and the paths and graves are overgrown with weeds and bushes.

"Services have not been held in the church for a long time. The congregation now worships in the First Methodist Church of Germantown.

"It has been decided to fill in the graveyard and demolish the church. Descendants of those who are interred there are expected to arrange for the transfer of the bodies to another cemetery."

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