Toll House on Germantown Road at Rittenhouse Street
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, page 36
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are a woodcut and a page of manuscript text:

"The Old Toll House, Main and Rittenhouse Streets, and Enos Springer"

"The Old Gmt. and Perkiomen Turnpike was finished about 1801. Toll gates were erected along the line of the road. Probably the most interesting & famous of the ten keepers was Enos Springer, who kept the one on Main St., corner of Poor House lane, or Rittenhouse St. He was a quaint old bachelor with good solid sense & philosophy that made him popular, with classes who used the toll gate or purchased poultry from him. On one occasion he with a party of friends were visiting among the neighbors to see who had the fattest hogs..... "Springer died from the result of an jury during the visit of a jury of view over the turnpike, previous to it being condemned and its purchase by the city of Phila. The old toll house was never reopened."

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