5905 Germantown Avenue
Grof's Barbershop
Perkins Collection (Compiled by Helen C. Perkins, 1900-1909), volume 61D, page 37
Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Included are a photograph and newspaper clipping dated November 18, 1904:

"The above is a view of the interior of what is acknowledged to be the handsomest and finest equipped tonsorial parlor this side of Market street. It is located at 5905 Main street, above Haines.

"Everything from the umbrella stands to the chairs are new and of the most up-to-date style, The fixtures are of quartered oak, handsomely carved and neatly polished. The chairs are exceedingly comfortable and the finest made for the business. The cup rack and hat and coat racks are laos works of art and fully in keeping with the other fixtures. The large mirrors are French plate glass and made from specially selected material.

"William A. Groff, the genial proprietor, needs no introduction. He and his three assistants are experts in their occupation. A glance at the cup rack in the left of the picture will give evidence of that fact. Mr. Groff's patrons are many and come from every section of Germantown. There is always an air of refinement about the place, and special attention is given to the cutting of children's hair."

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